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Links & Preferences  . . .  our biased view  . . .
Links to things we like Life is full of choices.  Some things we find just suit us, so this page was made to highlight some places and things we like.  We figure it's a good thing to pass along tips for people, companies and products we like.  It's our way of saying "Thank You" for some excellent product and services.  Some are related to engineering, some are not.

In a capitalist society, we vote with words and dollars for companies and products we want to be successful, so if you're interested in any of these topics, take our vote in words and check out these things we enjoy.  You may enjoy them too.

Colorado and beyond
Lightning Bolt Not much of a web site, but Lightning Bolt offers excellent, personalized service.  Greg usually answers the phone, so tell him Hi from us.

If you need fasteners, these folks will take care of you better than most.  I've never been promised something that wasn't delivered, and I've never felt like an imposition when asking for something weird.  An excellent example of a service oriented company.

Need a good plastics injection molder?  Pikes Peak Plastics has always been a great source for us . . . and our customers.  Their attention to detail, molding skill and realistic approach make them one of the very best.

You'll also get a lot of great advise about molding your product if you ask.

Pikes Peak Plastics
Protogenic A company called Protogenic made it's name in rapid prototyping by doing good work.  That was apparently noticed, because they were purchased by Spectrum Plastics.  Fortunately, Spectrum has let them operate in the same great ways.  These guys are my first choice for rapid prototypes and other such products.
WickWerks The new benchmark in bicycle front shifting.  WickWerks chain rings have massive ramps, like claws to grab the chain and lift it to the next ring.

If you ride, check these out.

Chain Rings
TRP This is a rising star in the bicycling brakes market.  They're doing some cool things right now.  Their high-end products are lightweight and precise.  If you ride, check 'em out.
We've been a fan of Open Office since it was first brought to us  . . .  by Sun Microsystems as Star Office  . . .  a long time ago.

It's an alternate Office Suite (better than MickySoft) that does all the above (and more) including read & write Microsoft files.  Best of all, It doesn't rape your pocketbook (it's Free), and it doesn't have a bunch of crazy licenses and threats.

Open Office
Android As the Android concept matures, I'm becoming more impressed.  Far better than BlackBerry and arguably better than the i's, it's easy to take for granted.

Google has done good things in stimulating products and apps in a way that's generally accessible to the masses.  Yes, trade-offs?, but I'm generally (warily) pleased.

Someone spent a lot of time building this very useful web site.  It must do just about every useful or possible units conversion there is.  Fantastic!  Thank you for making this available.

We like this site for quick units reference.  Easy to use and kinda fun to play with.

Units Conversion
Calculator Edge This site, Calculator Edge, has a calculator for nearly everything ... really, nearly everything for engineering calculations.  It's a FREE Engineering Calculators web site.  (We like Free!)  It has a few hundred calculators with equations and formulas for Engineering in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Optical ... and the list goes on.  Pretty cool.

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