Credit Card Transaction Identifiers

Please note the following identifier — SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANS — (and those similar) which may appear on your credit card statement if you have transactions with Synthesis  OR with  (our DIY feature for plans sales).

Other variations that may appear include:  SYNMEPLANS  or  SYNTHESISENG  or  SYNME PLANS  or  SYN ENGRNG ME PLANS . . . . I know, why is it so confusing?

The identifier can also have a preface with something relating to PayPal or Stripe.  Either way, if these identifiers are what you are looking for, you have found the source.  It can be from a transaction with Synthesis Engineering Services, or with Mechanical Elements plans sales.  Now, if that does not jog your memory, read more below, then let us know, and we'll help you figure it out.

This article is here so the credit card statement identifiers are searchable via Google and other search engines.  SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANS - Now you can find them.

Identifier Length Restrictions

Credit card companies have a length restriction on the identifiers which make them look rather archaic.  It would be nice if it was not so limited in the number of characters because  SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANS  would be a lot easier to read as  SYNTHESIS ENGINEERING SERVICES & MECHANICAL ELEMENTS PLANS.

SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANSWe understand why the identifiers have a length limit, and it does make some sense.  Certainly it helps make the statement concise.  However, the short nature does make it harder when you are wondering where that charge came from.  Sometimes it's like a lot of greek on your credit card statement.

Anyway, to help avoid confusion for customers that may not recognize  SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANS  on a statement, or  SYNMEPLANS  or  SYNTHESISENG  for that matter, this article is indexed by Google so the terms are now searchable.  Hopefully that helps.

If you do see one of these identifiers on your Credit Card statement, and if you have questions about the charge, please Contact Us directly.  We are here to help, always.

Sure, there are plenty of scammers in the sea of dishonesty, and we do need to be cautious.  On the whole, we believe most people are upright and trying to do the right thing.  Kudos to you for being on top of your finances and checking the charges.  We think that's important.  So, if you are here because you did a search for the identifier, you've found the right place.

Welcome back to the websites of Synthesis Engineering Services and Mechanical Elements .com !!


The one identifier is for both of our websites, which is why there can be some confusion.  I suppose we could have 2 separate identifiers for the two needs?  Well, that poses a problem since Mechanical Elements is not technically a company on its own.  It is a feature of Synthesis Engineering Services.  And of course, that is in the footer of every page on the ME website.  All of the plans on that site are the products of the Engineering at Synthesis.

Mechanical Elements is a DIY Plans Portal.  We offer great plans (trailer plans, gantry cranes, and more) along with a lot of advice about building them, and similar things.  Many years ago, the plans were sold here on, but it grew too big and deserved its own site.  That was the birth of Mechanical Elements, or ME as we often like to call it.

Whether you are looking for Synthesis and a transaction you may have had with us, or if you are looking for Mechanical Elements.  This is the right place, and we are glad you found the SYN ENGRNG & ME PLANS identifier.  (Or the other ones, shorter or longer, that are similar.)

Sorry about the confusion, we work with both Stripe and PayPal as payment methods, and as you might guess, they do things a little different.

Thank You for visiting, and Have a Wonderful Day.

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