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Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service

Information is requested in 3 areas of the web site to provide specific services.  By using the site for any of these services, you agree to the items of the Privacy Policy below.  The specific services are:

  1. To send or request information using the Contact Us Page.
  2. For purchasing plans from the website, or to send payment for services.
  3. As subscription to our News Letters, or other Periodic Mailing / eMailing features.

This Privacy Policy below states where and how information you provide may be gathered and/or used to deliver the above services.

Additionally, some generic (non-identifying) site use information is gathered for analytics in aggregate.  Nothing is connected back to individuals.

Information Privacy:

By this Privacy Policy, Synthesis Engineering does not share, sell or otherwise distribute customer information to any other company or organization for any reason.  We respect your privacy.

To purchase plans (from, credit card information is processed through PayPal.  Their privacy policies are given on their web site at  They do not sell or share information with third parties.

Required Information:

When sending information to us at Synthesis Engineering Services, the Contact Us Page will require certain information.  This info, including a valid e-mail address is required for us to respond back to you.

To purchase plans at, contact information (like name, address, e-mail and zip code) are required for verifications, credit card transactions, and to send orders.  Receipts are sent via e-mail to the address provided.  A telephone number is required in case there is a problem with the order.  As stated above, this information is not shared. Furthermore, Credit Card information is provided only to PayPal through the portal on our site.  We can’t see it, don’t have access to it, and therefore can’t and don’t store it.

To receive the Pro/E Tip-of-the-Month (Service no longer available) or to receive newsletters and announcements via e-mail, an active e-mail address is required.  

Please be careful entering information.  If an e-mail address, for instance, is not typed correctly, you will not receive a response, or the information requested.  Synthesis is not responsible for incorrect information.


Both and use WordPress as the basis of the website.  WordPress does incorporate Cookies to serve visitors content they request.  See WordPress for more information about how their software uses cookies.

Our sites also use Google Analytics codes to understand in the aggregate how visitors interact with the website.  Again, these are non-identifying and used for purposes of improving our site based on aggregate behavior — not by individual.  They include Analytics, AdWords and Console codes.

We encourage customers to clear cache and cookies if they don’t want the cookies to follow after leaving our sites.  It might mean visitors won’t get the best browsing experience, but that’s OK.  None of our sites depend on cookies to provide service — except when logged in your personal areas on

Credit Cards:

For items purchased from our site, credit card processing is done through PayPal.  On these transactions, Synthesis Engineering Services will appear on the credit card billing statement.

For your security, Synthesis Engineering Services does not handle, receive or directly process credit card information.  We have hired PayPal to do that for us, so we do not hold, save, maintain or otherwise have any Credit Card information.  Credit card transactions must be done through the website.  We cannot process them over the phone or by mail or any other way.  Please do not send us credit card information.  Thank you.


Identifying information may be used to provide the services you request.  Additionally, contact information may be used to notify individuals of changes or additions to services.

You may request information Removal by contacting us at our Contact Us Page, or through the link at the bottom of a newsletter.

Use Agreement (As Terms of Service):

The Feature “The Engineer’s Perspective” and all the Pro/E Tips and other articles are for information only and may reflect the opinions of the author.  Articles fall in this category as well.

Product plans provided for sale through and through are for individual use only.  Any use of these plans for resale or for producing products for sale is strictly prohibited.  When we find sellers on eBay or other sites that pirate or offer for sale copyrighted material, we shut them down.  Yes, as a copyright owner we do have that authority, so we will shut down your entire store.  Please respect rights of others – Always.

Licensing for production and/or resale of our plans is available on request.  Thank you for honoring these terms.

Privacy Policy Questions:

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any of the services provided on this web site may be directed to Synthesis via our Contact Us Page.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for being a great customer.  Have a wonderful day.

Synthesis Privacy Policy