Tech of Utility Patent Award

New Utility Patent Award

We received word last month that the "Bicycle Carrier Maintenance Stand" patent is coming.  Great to see it now with a new utility patent award and recognition.

If you have looked around the Synthesis Engineering site much, you know that we do a lot with patents.  Many thing we work on are with patents that our customers own.  Other things we do in creating technology end up as patents or patentable intellectual property.  We do a lot with innovation in all the different stages.

Technology of the Intellectual PropertyWho doesn't love a new patent?  We see a lot of them, but we are still excited when a new utility patent award comes through.  This one is for the invention we spoke about in the previous "Bike Rack Innovation" article, and the new patent award is USA Patent #10,577,040.

Updates To The Intellectual Property

Product development through all the stages is part of our business.  We advertise Innovation in Design as one of our primary Engineering Services.  Product Development - from concept to customer - as well.  So, this new product fits right in that sweet spot.

During the years of waiting for the patent, we have been busy developing the product further.  We have not changed the fundamentals of how it works, but we have certainly made prototypes to refine many aspects that now make it even better - and to fit on more types of bicycle carriers.  It is a utility patent award, so there are lots of enhancements that can be made within the stated IP.

For instance, we expanded the ways the cradle can attach and rest on the bicycle carrier.  We have refined the connectivity and stability of the bike in a service position.  Then, to accommodate a wider variety of bicycle carriers, we designed a new way of integrating with the One-Up style carriers.  These new methods are all steps in the direction to a better overall product.

What Does This Thing Do?

See the full write up in the  previous "Bike Rack Innovation" article.  That has more detail and additional images.  Here is a summary.

Bicycle Carrier Maintenance PositionAs in the photos, this device is a quick adaptation to existing bicycle carriers that allows a customer to service their bike - using the mechanisms and structure already part of the bicycle carrier.  No reason to create a bunch of new structure or to make a big reconfiguration just to service the bike.  A simple lever, a quick adjustment in the position, and you are there ready to do a little maintenance.

The focus has always been on finding ways to better serve the customer, or, in this case, let the customer serve themselves.  The ability to service your bike on the fly - like when you are out and about - is great.  Arrive at the ride and in just a few seconds you can be doing a last minute tune-up on your bike.  Or, you can save someone else's bacon - you know, the things your buddy forgot to do - or didn't have time to do before coming to the ride.

It is not intended to be a full-on bicycle work stand (though it can serve that purpose).  It is really for quick cleaning of the road dust and grime, and for quick adjustments of the gears or brakes.  I tend to use mine on others bikes as often as for my own.  It is always good to let other people use it.

Licensing For The New Utility Patent Award

If you want a quick and simple way to differentiate your product from the competition, take a good look.  The cost to implement this kind of work stand is a fraction of the cost to implement a more traditional method.  Also, the user scenarios involve fewer steps - so it is easier and faster.  That is part of what makes this new product both novel and desirable.

The utility patent award is here.  If you license the intellectual property, your product is protected.  If you choose an exclusive license, then you will have an advantage over your competition for many years to come.  We will absolutely honor exclusivity with the patent and we will even help with the engineering for implementation with your current products.

Feel free to contact us about using the technology.  We are open to all sorts of options.  Just ask about the new utility patent award for adapting a bicycle carrier as a maintenance stand.

New Utility Patent Award

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