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Product Design / Product Development

Get Your Concepts To Market
with Skilled Product Design & Development

You have a vision with the great idea.  More importantly, you know the new product will enhance the potential for your company, or change your industry.

Are you ready?  It’s time grab the opportunity.

Great new product ideas don’t develop themselves, and waiting gives the competition a chance to change the landscape first.

Perhaps the ideas are still in your head;  or perhaps you’ve tested a prototype.  Either way, if finishing the product design and/or product development, seems a long way off, you’re not alone.  We’re here to help.

Helping You Get There Is Where Synthesis Shines.

Examples & Case Studies:

With Years Of Experience In A Spectrum Of Industries
We Assist Customers In Building Success

Here are three Case Studies that illustrate how we assist customers in making strides for success.  Our recipe includes a healthy dose of Innovation mixed with Collaboration and years of Experience.

Mechanical Product Design Engineering
Sample of Product Design for Artistic Expression
Design & Custom Machine Design

We bring the same cooperative spirit to all our customers in many industries.
For more examples, please browse the Portfolio, the Big Slide Show, and our Case Studies Library.

Hire Experience

We’ve worked on hundreds of new products, and we’ve contributed to numerous patents.

At the end of the day, the best thing about product development is seeing the impact of a new idea in the life of the business owner and their customers.

The Product Design & Development Process

Your Journey From Idea To Production Involves Several Steps
Of Design, Testing, And Refinement

The path to realization is both well mapped and unique at the same time.  The general direction we know well, yet your unique ideas bring exciting and different variations.  We rely on product design input from you, as well as from the expected manufacturers as we go through the Product Development Process.  This ensures the final product will meet your quality standards and the end customer expectations.  Here is a simple visual:

Engineering Product Development Flow

Much more detail about the Product Development Process is given in this Signature Article.

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A Good Fit For Synthesis

Some Industry Benefiting from Our Work
Customers Synthesis Has Helped

We Are Not Bound By Industry

Those seeking a fresh, skilled, outside perspective are a good fit.  If you like collaborating with innovative and out-of-the-box thinkers, then talk to us at Synthesis.

Over the years we’ve worked in a spectrum of industries — from Military to Medical — Toys to Technology — Bicycles to BulldozersMicro to Majestic.  We bring good ideas from one industry to the others, because we are not industry constrained.  And, we bring a mix of Science, Function and Style to every project.

Product based companies reaching for success are a great fit.  We can best help those that are open to broader thinking and understand the accelerating effects of collaboration.

Get Specific

Let’s talk about your needs.  We’re happy to take a few minutes to understand your needs and help determine if we are a good fit or not.  Start by connecting.  It’s just possible that we can make your job a lot easier — and help reach the goals faster.

Success Through Collaboration

We Bring

Insight, Innovation & Broad Experience

You Bring

Vision, Direction & Industry Expertise


We Create Awesome Products and Happy Customers

Each customer project is completely unique . . . So,
We’ll help with as much or as little as your needs demand.

Improve & Accelerate

Utility Trailer Frame Test Run

We are concept generators ready to enhance and accelerate your efforts.  For us, each product design begins with the new ideas and the precieved challenges.  You are the experts, and we’re here to assist.

Our Job Is To Build On Your Ideas, Then Help Conquer Challenges

And, the best part is seeing the final product in action.  It’s where the rubber meets the road (literally or figuratively).

We Ask:

  • How is it impacting the end customer?
  • Is it making the world better?
  • How is it growing your business?

Getting there takes effort, yet we’d like to be part of the team.

How Can We Help Your Business?

More Samples . . .

. . . of Synthesis Product Design and Product Development

Each image is a link to sections of the Synthesis Design Portfolio.  Click the photos to check them out and learn even more about what we do.

Next up:  Read about Innovative Design or more on Product Development as a core Engineering Service at Synthesis.