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"Buy the Way" is Back On-Line!

The "Buy the Way" feature of is now Back On-Line!  This has always been a special section of our website for the Do-it-Yourself builder including plans for great projects.  The title which is a play on words - Buy the Way - has been offline for a while for revisions and upgrades on that portion of the site.  It is now back on-line better than ever.  This is the place to purchase great plans for awesome Do-it-Yourself projects.

Buy The Way Project Plans TrailerWe have plans for Many Trailer Styles, and for Specialty Shop Tools including Gantry Cranes, lifting accessories, and supper strong Shop Presses.  If that's not enough, there are plans for several other things - like food and water storage.  Plans for home, shop, and on the road.

We invite you to have a look ... then please let us know if you see any problems we have perhaps overlooked. Our desire is to bring you only the best plans in the various categories.  We provide plans with lots of options so you can customize them to fill your needs.  Also, plans that build projects you can be super proud of when they are complete.  Enjoy the site, Enjoy the plans, and especially - Enjoy the final products.

Buy The Way Update:

Time certainly has a way of changing things - back and forth.  In the beginning, back in the 1990's when our first plans were offered for sale on a website, we started on the domain -  The site grew over time, then search engines started to play a bigger role in helping people find things.  At that time AOL and Yahoo in particular.  So, for a lot of reasons the function of Mechanical Elements was integrated directly into as the "Buy the Way" feature.  And, that was a great place for it for a long time.

In the more recent years, Google's influence on the web has become the driving factor in being found, so as a strategic decision, the domain at Mechanical Elements was resurrected with all of the DIY plans moving back there.  Even more plans than before.  While it might seem like an on-again off-again sort of thing, the driving reasons are always to serve you better.  Hopefully things can settle at Mechanical Elements now - and stay there.

The two big reasons for changing again are these:  First, Google and SEO prefer a website to have focus, so Engineering Services on, does not exactly fit with DIY Mechanic's Tips and Plans.  That is why they are now on Mechanical Elements.  That works.

Second, we wanted to significantly expand the information available to assist with Do-It-Yourself building.  To that end, there is now a growing library of tips, tricks, advise and other information to help you build - over on Mechanical Elements (ME as we like to call it).

Expanding Features

While we understand that nothing is constant but change, we also know that customers like consistency.  Let's hope we have found the consistent home for the "Buy the Way" plans.  Mechanical Elements is forming up to be the DIY portal for the web - with tips and tricks, advice and solutions.  And, we are expanding offerings to include plans for Tiny House Trailers and workable scale Walking Beam Suspensions.  Join us there for a ton of great information about trailers, cranes, fabrication and lots of other projects.

All the engineering for these plans continues right here at Synthesis.  The goals it to offer the best plans available, so check them out.  Follow the links above to see the engineering behind the new products.  Follow the links to Mechanical Elements to see, and to "Buy the Way" for excellent DIY plans.

Come visit and see what "Buy The Way" has now become.

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