WickWerks at Sea Otter 2012

WickWerks at Sea Otter, 2012

To support our customer in presentation and promotion of their products (products designed at Synthesis), we spent several days at the Sea Otter Classic - Laguna Seca near Monterey California at the WickWerks booth.  (And riding our bikes, of course!)

At Sea Otter 2012Being in the bicycle industry ourselves, and having designed several other products and components for bicycles, we always welcome the chance to be part of The Sea Otter Classic.  This year it was awesome weather, awesome riding, awesome people, at an awesome event.  We are so glad to be there to help as well as to play.

On Show At The Sea Otter Classic

WickWerks produces bicycle front chainrings using the patented technology noted in the previous post.  These chainrings shift better and faster than the competition, which is why they are the "The World's Fastest Shifting Chainrings".  At Synthesis we enjoy the privilege of creating new technology, and we also like the recognition with patents - including several new patents for these WickWerks chainrings.  - Read more in other posts here on our site, and on their website.

The photo is our booth at the Sea Otter, with some demo bikes to ride.  Also, the famous "Yellow Bike" on the stand for a hands on shift technology demonstration.

These fun new fast shifting chainring designs are optimized here, at Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc., for cyclists all over the world.

Do The Chainrings Work?

Beyond Sea Otter, there is so much more to tell about the shifting technology.  Check out this fun post about the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships where racers on WickWerks rings had a distinct advantage which showed on the podium.  Do they work?  Of course, with technology enhanced and perfected right here at Synthesis.  If you have not yet tried them, you really should.  It is a paradigm shift in the way we think about front shifting.

What would you like our help developing?  Get in touch.

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