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Welcome to our Product Design & Engineering Showcase.

These slides are a good overview of our work, though many things we cannot show for confidentiality reasons.  Select a Topic Tab to see.  Then, for more, visit our Full Screen Show too.

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Design &
Prototype &
Machines &

Product Design Examples

  • Design For Fun
    Some Side Fun Design
    Machine Powertrain
    Massive Machine Powertrain
  • Ergonomic Design
    Hand Held Devices - Ergonomic Design
    Bicycle Component Design
    Bicycle Component Design
  • Functional Design
    Functional Toys
    Data Acquisition
    Data Acquisition Products
  • Heavy Industry
    Heavy Industry Product Example
    Cycling Engineering
    Bicycle Components Engineering
  • Art and Function
    Where Art Meets Function
    Acoustic Design
    Acoustic Design
  • Ring Banner
    It's What You Don't See
    Toy Design
    Play Mimics Life
  • Design for Abuse
    Design for Abuse
    Shifting Expectations
    Shifting Expectations

Engineering Design & Development

  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices
    Powertrain Invention
    Powertrain Invention
  • CAD Development
    CAD Modeling Development
    Bicycle Parts
    Improving Bicycle Components
  • Initial Concept
    From Initial Concepts . . . 
    Patent Diagram
    Resulting Patents
  • Design Layout
    Development Considerations
    Innovations for Durability
    Innovations for Durability
  • Prototype Test
    Development through Testing
    Integrated Design
    Integrated Design
  • spul valve
    Industry Cross Pollination
    The Elegant Solution
    Finding Elegant Solutions
  • Ring Technology
    Not The Obvious Solution
    Trailer Suspension Design
    Rethinking Trailer Suspension Design

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

  • Engineering Research
    Mechanical Engineering Research
    Forensic Diagnosis
    Forensic Diagnosing of Failures
  • Complex Mechanism
    Complex Mechanism Design
    Drawing Details
    Details Matter
  • Load Analysis
    Mechanism Loading Analysis
    Test Data
    Data Acquisition Products
  • Functional Aesthetics
    Functional Aesthetics
    failure diagnostics
    Forensic Analysis
  • Fun Design
    Non-Obvious Solutions
    DOE Testing
    Design Testing & DOE
  • Spul Flow
    Functional Analysis Demonstration
    Engineering Tools
    FEA & Other Tools
  • Mathematical Exploration
    Mathematical Exploration
    Tiny Details
    Tiny Details
  • failure diagnostics
    Deep Understanding
    failure analysis
    Finding Real Solutions

Electrical and Electronic Design Examples

  • Embeded Controllers
    Embeded Controllers
    Electrical / Mechanical Interface
  • Electric Power
    Expressions Of Motion
    Electronics Packaging Design
    Electronics Packaging Design
  • Integrated Control
    Integrated Control
    Functional Package
    Functional Packaging
  • Electronic CAD Design
    Electronics Design in 3D CAD
    Electo-Mechanical Design
    Electo-Mechanical Design
  • Design Conversion
    Complete Design Conversion
    Motor Drive Design
    Electro-Mechanical Development
  • Embeded Electronics
    Delicate and Deliberate
    Electronic Integration
    Integrated Electrical & Ergonomics
  • Sewn Bones
    Ultra Small Electro-Magnetic Actuator
    Embedded Controls
    Custom Machine Embedded Controls

Complex CAD Design

  • Integrated Ergonomics
    Integrated Ergonomics
    Elegance and Function
    Blending Elegance with Function
  • Form and Function
    From Function Flows Form
    Industrial Design
    Industrial Comm (Yester-Year Hi-Tech)
  • When Shape Matters
    When Exact Shape Really Matters
    Complex CAD Design
    Fun Complexity
  • Complexity in Modeling
    Complexity Not Easily Identified
    Organic CAD Modeling
    Organic CAD Modeling (Faces & Bodies)
  • Artistic Expression
    Artistic Expression In CAD
    Functional Toys
    Imitation - Functional Toys
  • Engineering Expressed
    Engineering Expressed in CAD
    Simplicity in Complexity
    Simplicity in the Right Complexity
  • CAD Appearance
    Not Everything As It Appears
    Journey Into The Unknown
    CAD Journey Into The Unknown 

Prototypes And Testing

  • CNC Prototype
    Plastic CNC Sample Prototype
    Testing A Prototype
    Prototype For Testing
  • Time To Assemble
    Ready To Assemble
    On The CNC
    On The CNC
  • Packaging
    Prototyping The Packaging
    Rapid Prototype
    Rapid Prototype Sample
  • Test Fixture
    Instrumented Test Fixture
    Packaging Prototype
    Prototype of Packaging Design
  • RP Body
    Finished, Painted RP Body
    Testing Failure
    Testing A Prototype To Failure
  • CNC Sample
    CNC Sample Proto
    SLA RP
    SLA Style RP
  • Prototype For Testing
    Prototype Ready For Test
    More Than It Appears
    More Than It Appears

Component Level Design Examples

  • Design Details
    Design And Details
    Titanium Parts
  • Eductational Parts
    Parts For Education
    Molded Parts
    Plastic Molded Parts
  • Cast Parts
    Parts For Casting
    CNC Parts
    CNC Parts
  • Massive Gears
    Massive Metal Parts
    Tiny Parts
    Tiny Plastic Parts
  • Decorative Parts
    Decorative Fun Parts
    Industrial Parts
    Heavy Industrial Parts
  • Simple CNC Parts
    Simple (R) CNC Parts
    Challenging Parts
    Challenging Molded Parts
  • Optical Illusion
    Parts that Create an Optical Illusion
    Innovative Overmolded Parts
  • Mechanism Parts
    Interacting Molded Parts
    Aluminum Forge
    Forged (For Strength) Metal Parts

Manufacturing Support and Consulting

  • Tooling Design
    Tooling Design
    Assembly Fixture
    Detailed Assembly Fixturing
  • Process Fixture
    Processing Fixturing
    Design For Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Machines
    Custom Manufacturing Machines
    Insert Mold
    Insert Mold Design
  • Special Tools
    Special Tools Minimize Cycles
    Process Methodology
  • Design For Assembly
    Design For Assembly
    Robotic Machines
    Robotic Manufacturing Machines
  • CNC Fixture
    CNC And Other Fixtures
    Special Assembly
    Special Assembly Machines
  • Injection Mold Design
    Injection Mold Design Concepts
    Handheld Tools
    Handheld Special Operation Tools

Custom Machines And Automation

  • Assembly Machines
    Manufacturing Assembly Machines
    Production Machines
    Production Acceleration
  • Testing Machines
    Testing Durability Machines
    Robotic & Automatic
    Robotic & Automatic
  • Fun Machines
    Just For Fun Machines
    Safety Machines
    Serious Safety Machines
  • Small Machines
    Small, Simple Machines
    Complex Functions
    Complex Process Functions
  • Robotic
    Not The Normal Robotic Machine
    Innovative Optimization
    Innovative Process Optimization
  • Adjustable Machines
    Adjustable Setup Machines
    Unique Function
    Unique Function In Automation
  • Custom Machine Pieces
    How To Categorize It ?
    Automated Packaging
    Automated Packaging
  • Built and Delivered
    Built, Delivered, Then Installed
    Machine Pallets
    Processing Pallets of a Custom Machine

Projects In The Slide Show

More than 25 years of projects and product design examples are represented in the various areas of the above slide show.  A small fraction of the things we do.

For us, and for many of our customers, this is a trip down memory lane.  A chance to remember all the amazing people and engineering design projects we have the privilege of working with.

A big Thank You is certainly in order - Thank You for working with us;  Thank You for teaching us so much along the way;  and most of all, Thank You for coming back again and again with the challenges that continue to stimulate our minds and enhance our lives.

For visitors and new customers, we hope you will see the product design and engineering expertise examples that inspire you to connect.  Please drop us a line on the Contact page when you are ready.

If perchance we have not shown some aspect of product design or engineering services you are looking for, we encourage you to ask.  As mentioned, much of the work we do is confidential in nature, and that work is, of course, not shown here.  It would absolutely be fun to show everything - because some of the most interesting engineering design projects are the confidential ones.  Ah, but alas, we respect all intellectual property of our customers as well as requests for privacy.

A Deeper Look At Engineering & Product Design

For an in-depth look at some of the more unique engineering solutions, you may also find it interesting to view the list of patents we've had the privilege of working toward.  The list is long and growing because we are creative, innovative and love to help our customers achieve great things.

Would you like our help with new intellectual property?  Again, the slide show above is only representative of the creativity we bring to the table in all our product design and development projects.  We hope you enjoy the designs shown in the slide show as well as the rest of the website.

We would love to help you on your next product design & development adventure.  Or, if engineering consulting is more what you need?

Please see our Engineering Services pages (like Product Development, and Engineering Consulting).  Some slides above show special made machines, so if you need one, check out the Custom Machines page for more examples (with some descriptions) of our work.

At Synthesis we offer a lot, and we have a lot of experience.  Let us know what you need.

Thank you for visiting.

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