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The presented Slides portray an overview of our work, and give a general feel for our abilities.  Please note:  Much of what we do cannot be displayed here publicly for confidentiality reasons.  Thank you for understanding.  Enjoy the show.

For more info, or for assistance with your specific project, please Contact Us.

Product Design Examples

  • Design Example Car

    Some Side Fun

  • Design Example Powertrain

    Massive Machine Powertrain

  • Design Example RFID

    Hand Held Devises - Ergonomic Design

  • Design Example Rock Shox Forks

    Bicycle Components Design

  • Design Example Flying Wing

    Functional Toys

  • Design Example iTrak

    Data Acquisition Products

  • Design Example Bicycle Disk Brake

    Bicycle Components Engineering

  • Design Example Slurry Pump

    Heavy Industry Product Example

  • Where Art Meets Function

    Where Art Meets Function

  • Acoustic Design

    Acoustic Design

  • What You Don't See

    It's What You Don't See

  • Hero's Wheels

    Play Mimics Life

  • Enhancing Function

    Enhancing Function

  • Shifting Expectations

    Shifting Expectations

  • Hero's Wheels

    Hero's Wheels

Projects Of The Slide Show

More than 20 years of projects are represented in the various areas of the above slide show.  For us, and for many of our customers, this is a trip down memory lane.  A chance to think about all the amazing people and projects we’ve had the privilege of working with.  A big Thank You is certainly in order — Thank You for working with us;  Thank You for teaching us so much along the way;  and most of all, Thank You for coming back again and again with the challenges that have stimulated our minds and enhanced our lives.

For potential new customers, we hope you’ve seen the things that inspire you to connect.  If so, please drop us a line on the Contact Us page.

If per chance we have not shown some aspect of engineering services you are looking for, we encourage you to ask us about it.  As mentioned, much of the work we do is confidential in nature, and that work, is of course not shown here.  It would absolutely be fun to show everything — because some of the most interesting projects are the confidential ones — but alas, we always respect our customer requests for privacy.

For an in-depth look at some of the more unique engineering solutions, you may also be interesting in a look at the list of patents we’ve had the privilege of working toward.  Again, this is representative of the creativity we bring to the table.  We hope you enjoy the slide show as well as the rest of the website.