New License Plate Frame Patents 2013

New Patents Issued

We just recently received notice that 5 new design patents are official as of September 17, 2013.  These new patents cover the designs of several license plate frames with various artistic elements, and some complex CAD design.

As much fun as they are innovative, these designs represent much more thinking and creativity than first meets the eye.  The balance of complexity and conflicting needs are the real story here.  These represent needs with artistic presentation, mixed materials, legal and visual requirements, manufacturing considerations, plus much more.  For these, new patents are a result of many hours of work from several people.  Though they were really designed for customers, not for new patents, it is still fun to have the IP acknowledgement too.

New Patents Issued 2013This work is all part of the "Synthesis" we bring to every project we tackle.

Read the Case Study of The Design Department for more information about what we do to assist our customers in this way.  The work is a mix of artistic expression put into 3D while making them both legal and manufacturable.

If you are interested, you can find these license plate frames at various auto parts retail stores.  Some stores will carry one style or another - to differentiate themselves in the marketplace from their competitors.  You may have to check a few.  Also, they are available online at, where you can see dozens more - most of which were designed right here at Synthesis.

Work That Results In New Patents

Blending artistic expression with engineering and practicality is part of the job.  Each project has the art (and sometimes the optical illusion) to hold the attention of customers.  They have to look good and be functional.  Of course, not every project ends with new patents.  However, meeting the blend of engineering and art is part of the Synthesis.  It is what we do, and patents are sometimes the result.  But, of course, new patents are just the icing on the cake.

Here is another new design patent example that illustrates our abilities in artistic 3D CAD work.  It is a blend of art, function and requirements coming together in a final product.  Much like these.  It is worth looking at, because it is fun.

Let us know if you have design needs.  Our ability to mix art, science and practicality is one strong advantage for us in the market.  Yes, we are engineers, but more than just that.  We are artists and innovators which happen to also be manufacturing literate.  Read more about innovative design in our Engineering Services section.

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