Building Synthesis Video of Who We Are

Video - Building Synthesis

Just a little fun with a video explanation of  Who We Are.  The animation with SyBots and building Synthesis is our way of saying "We love to Create, and to Build!"  This is our DNA, and it really is who we are.

This video along with the Big Slide Show (best watched full screen) are a great introduction of Synthesis for presentations.  "Building Synthesis" is a simple play on our words (with our logo) for light entertainment.  However, the explanation at the bottom is worth reading on your second or third watch.  It is 15 seconds.  This is how we feel about the work we do for you.  Enjoy the Video.

Building Synthesis

Whether it's designing a new product for a customer, or building prototypes, or inventing something to solve a problem, creation and innovation are absolutely in our DNA.  This is how we think.  Follow the link for several example of how we use innovation in engineering for the benefit of our customers.

(Well, the 6 or 7 examples there hardly scratch the surface.  We innovate all the time and it is a foundation for which we have always been building Synthesis Engineering Services.

Engineering Services at Synthesis

Product Development is bringing ideas to life.  We start with the concepts, then as needed, we support the engineering efforts through various phases as the product moves to production.  Creating and inventing are just some of the tools we use to accomplish our work.

As in the video, "Our Business is Building Your Success."  It is not just pleasant words.  Every customer project becomes a path for success, and we don't succeed unless you do.  Our expertise is Product Design and Development, Innovative Solutions and Engineering Consulting.  For more than 25 years, we are supporting our customers with excellence in engineering.

For more on all we do, use the links at the top of the page to view or various Engineering Services, Case Studies, Library Articles, and other insights.  It is all there for you.  We've been building Synthesis for a long time based on your needs and our abilities to support you.

See more Synthesis videos on our YouTube Channel.  The videos there support both the engineering and DIY project themes.

Learn more about what we do on the About US page.  Synthesis is here to provide the best in Engineering Services for all our customers.  How can we support you?

Check out the Engineering Services we provide, or just let us know what you need.  We are happy to discuss your project to see if we're a fit to assist you with it.  We are not bashful, so we will let you know if your needs are outside of our wheelhouse.  We look forward to talking with you soon.

Thank You for Watching our Building Synthesis Animation!

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