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Cycling, Engineering & "Thanks !!"

For the past 10 years Synthesis has served as the Engineering Department (and more) for WickWerks (Cycling Components).  Now we say "So Long, and Thanks!  It's been a great adventure.

The WickWerks Adventure

I am a cyclist.  I am also a cycling advocate -- for many reasons -- so working in the cycling industry is always enticing.  It's great to make bikes better, and I love making the cycling experience happier.

Engineering Prototypes

In the cycling industry, over the past 10 years I have been the face of WickWerks -- showing the "World's Fastest Shifting Chainrings" at the many shows, events, races and rides.  It's been wonderful creating the awesome products and helping them grow.  Also, it's been very satisfying to see so many cyclists endorse and love the components we developed.  I love seeing WickWerks chainrings on bikes as people go by!

Aside from the fun, we tackled some difficult projects for WickWerks as we went after the least developed part of the bicycle (front shifting) -- and made it awesome.  To me, success is in the smiles of customers that rave about how well the products work.  (If you're a cyclist and you haven't tried WickWerks Chainrings, you're seriously missing something.)

I have to say, it's also pretty cool to have products that we invented on bikes of the Tour de France!  That's happened twice:  Once with conceptual product we started with TRP, and this year too, with the Sentinel a dual sided chain watcher, we created and developed for WickWerks.

Looking Back

It's safe to say that we ended up doing A LOT more for WickWerks than we ever first dreamed of.  We started as the engineering arm, of course, but quickly became the customer service department too.  That grew into being the show crew, the web department, handling social media, the art department, the IT department, and eventually all the packaging and shipping was done at the Synthesis facility in Colorado Springs.  ** We even designed the promotional goods, like race banners and the Giant Chainring Flag!! **

Check out the FULL Service Case Study for a more complete view of all we did with and for WickWerks.

Engineering Bigger Than Cycling

It's been a ton of fun getting to know so many amazing athletes that have willingly "tested" and abused bicycle component prototypes for us.  From early prototype testers like Katie Compton (who wouldn't give back the first prototype because she liked it so much), to all sorts of cycling enthusiasts that love to hammer on anything new.  It's been a great ride, so to WickWerks we say  THANK YOU !!

Engineering the Future of Cycling

WickWerks is now up and running, so we at Synthesis are looking to the next exciting challenge.  We are now available for your new project, to conquer challenges, to stretch technology and to spring-board your company to the next level.  We are Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.

For the Cycling Industry, besides WickWerks, we've worked on numerous bicycle projects including several RockShox products, a number of Spinner suspension designs, Tektro / TRP concepts, Vanguard Brakes, and much more.  That's not to mention the hundreds of products from other industries!  Check out the Design Slide Show for a taste of projects we've been fortunate enough to be involved with.  Oh, and visit the List of Patents (60'ish) we've had the enjoyment of innovating with.

This Could Be You

Flying on WickWerks Chainrings

Have you wanted a great new widget for your company?  How about improvements to your current designs to keep up, or leap-frog your competition?

If you would like to discuss engineering assistance on your projects, let us knowProduct development and Design Innovation are in our space, and our expertise.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for up coming cycling components (ones we just sent to production).  I'm sure they will be announced soon, and we'll have info here too.

Good Bye & Hello

Engineering in the Cycling Industry

So, for now we'll say "So Long, and Good Luck" to WickWerks -- with a big  "THANK YOU !!"  as we prepare to say "Hello and Welcome" to the next big projects.  Will it be yours?

Eldon Goates
-- Engineer, Innovator, Cyclist.
-- Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.

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