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Technical Article Revisions

Announcing new article revisions and updates on two of our most popular articles - including revisions in every chapter.  Thousands of people read these technical article features each year, which makes us happy.  Yet, things keep changing, so we need to keep the articles up to date.  Now these articles have updates with even more pictures and more detail.

Product Development

Article Revisions: The Product Development Process"The Product Development Process" is a technical article about the path for bringing ideas from concept to new final product.  It is general enough to cover many perspectives, yet it is also specific with examples for illustration.  The writing allows designers, inventors and others to have a glimpse at the map of how the processes work, where to go, and what ducks need to line up for success.

Chapter topics include planning with a product specification, design and development ideas, info about patents, prototypes, manufacturing and much more.

Interestingly, this article is now in several languages as part of some class material for teaching entrepreneurs and businessmen around the globe.  We are very happy to be of assistance, and glad that the material is so useful.  (Sorry, only the English version is available on this website.)

If you are interested in using or publishing the material for offline use (in part or the whole), please contact us for permission.

Trailer Design

Article: What Makes A Good Trailer Design?"What Makes A Good Trailer Design" is a simple article outlining some fundamentals of "GOOD" trailers.  Whether you are planning to build or buy, before acquiring a new trailer there are some important things to know.  The article covers basic things that will make joy of trailer ownership much greater.

The "Right" trailer is different for each person and each situation, but when you find (or build) the right trailer, it will serve you well.  Get it right, so it will please you for years to come.  We hope you enjoy the set of trailer articles - and now especially the article revisions - and new perspective.  While the article focuses on utility style trailers specifically, it is written for anyone considering a trailer in their future.  Enjoy.

Technical Article Revisions Side Note

You can find these two articles and many more in the Synthesis Library here on the website.  Additionally, the Engineer's Perspective page also contains many Technical Articles on a variety of topics.  See our Engineering Services links above for more detail on the services we provide.

For those with interest in trailers, trailer design and other Do-It-Yourself projects, our sister site, Mechanical Elements, has a growing library of articles on dozens of topics.  From how to setup a trailer frame, to wiring diagrams, to axle placement -- there is a lot there.  Follow the links back and forth for a complete learning experience.  The informational articles are are in the Mechanic's Post section.  Enjoy the sites, and we hope you find value in all the articles.


The above news blip was written November 10th, 2012.  In May of 2017 these two articles received yet another update as the Synthesis website transitioned from the old straight HTML to a newer CMS.  Like in all our technical article revisions, these remain true to the context, but with updated info, images and links.

And yet another update.  The more time passes, the more things change.  2024, and we have updated the Synthesis website again, with a new look at these article revisions once more.  Rather than being a real update this time, a good edit for better readability is probably a better description.  Anyway, the articles are all new again because there is still significant traffic for them.  We are actually quite impressed that the content is read so much, for so long.  We hope it is also helpful.  Enjoy.

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