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The Spirit of Synthesis is Customer Service.  Engineering is what we do, and we love it.  We also love to make customers happy.
See our Core Areas of Expertise below, then select a category tab to view information on each.  Let Us Know how we can help.

Core Engineering Competence Synthesis Experience
Design Innovation & Unique Solutions

Our Goal is to find the Elegant Solution for each customer and for each project.  “Elegant” is a blend of Function, Science & Style which often requires innovative thinking.  We create:

  • Unique Engineering Solutions
  • Creative Design and often Invention
  • Expanding Technology
  • Patent (and other IP) Assistance

The Elegant Solution usually comes with careful consideration of both function and aesthetics.  It may be inventing something new, or modifying an application of existing technology — perhaps borrowed from another industry.  It’s all part of Design Innovation for Solutions.

Innovation is a key benefit in working with Synthesis — as illustrated by the List of Patents we’ve helped our customers with.  Contact us to discuss your unique needs, or

See examples of Innovative Design Services.

The Six areas of Core Expertise come from wide and varied experience — not only from the many customer projects, but also from projects we’ve done for ourselves.  These are areas where we’ve proven ourselves through our work, and are confident in our abilities.

For other things that might be needed, we leverage our Team Partners for their expertise.  That is, the Synthesis way of ‘bringing the pieces together‘ for our customers.

The Elegant Solution

Our goal is always to find the Elegant Solution for each customer and for each project.  It’s a tough standard, but we do it because that’s who we are.  It is a great compliment when a customer exclaims  “Wow, that’s so simple!  Why didn’t I think of that ?!?”   It’s in those moments we know all the hard work and head scratching are worth it.

A quest for the Elegant Solution is sometimes a quest for the Holy Grail – especially when exploring new ground for new technology.  Fortunately, we have a wide breadth of experience to pull from, and we often draw on ideas from other industries, which we combine and processes together to achieve the unique, and elegant solutions. This is how we create amazing new products. Our experience is power to you, and that is what makes our Engineering Services so attractive.

Synthesis Engineering Services has been around since 1995 serving customers in all different engineering and technical arenas.  We’ve seen ups and downs in the economy, yet we’re still here — as smart and strong as ever.

A History Of Success

We’ve helped hundreds of customers successfully bring products to market, automate processes, refine designs, create new technology, and achieve goals for improved quality, for reliability, and for cost reduction.

We’ve worked in numerous fields from Aircraft . . . to Automotive . . . to Medical . . . to Industrial Automation . . . to Toys . . . to Bicycling . . . and the list goes on.  We work in design, in development, in manufacturing . . . in Custom Machines . . . and in so many points between.

We’ve helped numerous companies and individuals acquire patents — and we’ve fleshed out those ideas to make awesome new products for them with the IP.

This is our DNA.  It’s what we’re about, And it’s our passion.

If you would like to tap into our experience, our know-how, and our passion, please feel free to Contact Us.

Synthesis Engineering Services

The name Synthesis is descriptive of the way we approach business.  There is so much involved in all the various aspects of engineering services, that it is impossible for one company to do everything.  We know that, so we founded the company on the principles of doing in-house the things we do best, then orchestrating the peripherals in ways that support the customer and “bring together” the best providers to fill their needs.  — Read more About Us.

Our core expertise is highlighted above in the tabs, then in more detail with examples of our work are given on these pages:

Case Studies

It’s always a good idea to do some research about a company before hiring them to do something as critical as designing your future products.  By reading this page, you’re doing just that.  Congratulations.  Another good source is to read some of our Case Studies highlighting efforts with specific customer projects.

Even more information is available by viewing some of the Highlights of Patents in the news, or by browsing the Full List of Patents we’ve been instrumental in securing.

Engineering Services To The World

We serve the world from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA; Our customers span 4 continents and range in size from one person start-ups to billion dollar blue chips.  Travel is always an option, but we also use technology like Phone and Skype to keep cost down, and to shorten time and distance.

If you need Engineering Services that include any of the above, please let us know.  We’re here and ready to serve.

Engineering Services Areas of Core Expertise

Engineering Services and CAD Design