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The Spirit of Synthesis is Customer Service.  Engineering is what we do, and we love it.  We also love to make customers happy.

These are our Core Areas of Expertise.  3 Generalized, 1 Philosophical Attribute, and 2 Industries where we have excelled.  Follow the links to view Customer Examples, a lot more information about each.
Engineering Services at Synthesis

Core Areas Of Engineering Services Expertise

Product Design and Development / R&D
The process by which ideas transform into useful products is called "Product Development".  For us, this includes any or all of these:
  • Concept to Customer (or any portion)
  • Complex Modeling and 3D CAD Expertise
  • Integration of System Level Engineering
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Prototype Design, Build or Fabrication
  • Design Optimization
Product Development is our domain, our expertise, and a primary focus of our Engineering Services.  —  It's who we are, and we're good at it.

Learn More on the Product Development Page

Engineering Consulting

Leverage our Knowledge and Experience to conquer questions in your business.

  • Design Review Consulting
  • Failure Analysis, Forensics, Diagnosis and Solutions
  • Patents Review & Analysis (Yours or the Competition)
  • Process & Manufacturing Optimization

Consulting is a broad topic covering so many different engineering services.  We lump them together, but it's really about finding solutions.

We work with customers in Evaluating Designs; Diagnosing causes of failure (Forensics); and in manufacturing, to optimize processes.  Each project is unique, we understand.  So Let's Talk to see if our skills match your needs.

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Custom Machines

We design and build Custom Machines of all sorts, as well as Custom Tools like Jigs and special Fixtures for manufacturing.  These are often used with:

  • Factory Automation & Robotic Systems
  • On-the-Jobsite Processing or Expediting
  • Custom Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures
  • Tooling or Mold Design Concepts

We help many companies with Custom Machines - for Manufacturing, for Production, and for Jobsite needs.  Large or small, simple or complex, manual or robotic - we assist in understanding needs, optimizing processes, then design things to make it all work better, faster, smoother, more accurate, ...

For some customers we provide just the design.  For others, we also build and prove the machines.  It is all part of the Engineering Services we provide.  If any of this falls in your bucket of needs, we're just a Click Away.

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1 Philosophical Attribute

Design Innovation & Unique Solutions

If the words “Innovation” or “Creativity” are overused in marketing, then judge us by the results:  Please see our Patents List, and the Slide Show.  Looking at the world a little different is more of an attribute that enhances all our Engineering Services.

Innovation is a springboard to competitive advantage, and it helps our customers in numerous ways.  Fortunately, Creativity is a key benefit in working with Synthesis — because it's who we are, and it's how we think.

As we seek the "Elegant Solution" for each customer, we look at the whole picture, and find creative ways to achieve goals in the most effective ways.  Visit the Innovative Solutions page for examples, then call us when you are ready to move forward.

Learn More on the Innovative Solutions Page

Where Do We Work?

Industries We Serve

It is our privilege to engage with a diverse array of industries, ranging from the intricate world of small devices to the robust domains of heavy machinery.  Our expertise spans across plastic component design, to welded fabrication, to CNC parts, CAD modeling, mechanism design, and the creation of both intricate machines and straightforward tools.  Truly, our contributions extend across numerous industries.

Among our preferred areas of focus (where we have accumulated a wealth of experience):

  • Custom Trailer Design & Engineering
  • Expanding Technology in the Bicycle Industry
  • Molded Plastic Component Design
  • Custom Machines, bringing unique concepts to life

In our journey, we serve an extensive range of industries, too numerous to mention individually.  The diversity of our portfolio reflects our adaptability and versatility with Engineering Services.  Whether it's collaborating on groundbreaking concepts or contributing to innovation in new tech, our dedication to excellence is constant.  The slideshow serves as a visual testament to the multitude of projects we've undertaken.

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Core Expertise

The areas above of Core Expertise come from wide and varied experience with customer projects, as well as projects for ourselves.  These are areas where we are confident, because we have proven our work.

Yet, we are not limited by these, because we also leverage our "Team Partners" for their expertise.  That is, the Synthesis way of 'bringing the pieces together' for our customers.

The Elegant Solution

We seek the Elegant Solution for each customer and each project.  It's a tough standard, but we do it because that's who we are.  It is a great compliment when a customer exclaims  "Wow, that's so simple!  Why didn't I think of that ?!?"   In those moments we know all the hard work, stress and head scratching is hidden within the "Elegance" of the result.

A quest for the Elegant Solution is sometimes a quest for the Holy Grail - especially when exploring new ground for new technology.  Fortunately, we have a wide breadth of experience that offers ideas from many industries to draw from.  When we combine and process them together, then we achieve the unique, and robust solutions.  This is how we create amazing new products.

Our experience is power to you, and that is one of the things that make our Engineering Services so attractive.

Synthesis Engineering Services

Launched in 1995, we continue to serve customers in many engineering and technical arenas.  We've seen ups and downs in the economy, yet we're still here - as smart and strong as ever.

A History Of Success

Our work helps hundreds of customers bring products and new technologies to market.  We help automate processes, refine designs, create new technology, and achieve goals for improved quality, for reliability, and for cost reduction.  And when things go wrong, we also assist with diagnosis and forensic evaluations.

The work spans numerous fields from Aircraft . . . to Automotive . . . to Medical . . . to Industrial Automation . . . to Toys . . . to Bicycling . . . to Custom Trailers . . . and the list goes on.  We work in design, in development, in manufacturing . . . in Custom Machines . . . and so many points between.

We also help numerous companies and individuals acquire patents – But not for the patent sake.  The intellectual property protects the awesome new products which we help to develop.

Creativity and Engineering is our DNA.  It's what we're about, and it's our passion.  If you would like to tap into our experience, our know-how, and our passion, please feel free to Contact Us.

Synthesis Engineering Services

The name Synthesis is descriptive of the way we approach business.  Because there is so much involved in engineering services, it is impossible for one company to do everything.  We know that, so we founded the company on the principles of "Synthesis".  Basically, we do in-house the things we do best, then orchestrate the peripherals in ways that support the customer and "bring together" the best providers to fill the needs.  - Read more About Us.

These are the areas we serve most.  Please see detail (with examples) on the link pages.

Case Studies

It's always a good idea to research a company before hiring them to do something as critical as designing your future products.  By reading this page, you're doing just that.  Congratulations.  Another good source is our Case Studies which highlight efforts with specific customer projects.

Even more information is available by viewing Highlights of Patents in the news, or to browse the Full List of Patents we've been instrumental in helping to secure.

Engineering Services To The World

We serve the world from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  Our customers span 4 continents and range in size from one person start-ups to billion dollar blue chips.  Travel is always an option, but we also use technology like Phone and Zoom to keep cost down, and to shorten the time and distance.

If you need Engineering Services that include any of the above, then please let us know.  We're here, ready to serve.

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