Morphed Skulls Design Example

Morphed Skulls

January 2012 – New Release

A new license plate frame is now available from Cruiser Accessories.  The new design shown in the image below, Morphed Skulls, is also the subject of the US Design Patent #D656,872.  It is a combined design effort with Synthesis complex CAD which brings this new frame with the cool 3D artistic presentation.

Artistic CAD in Morphed Skulls

This frame is Zinc, in Die Casting, then chrome plate.  The center three skulls are an emblem which can come off, then flip around, so the frame also looks good when installed upside down.  The right-side up or upside down orientation is to fit different vehicles — and different license plates.  This allows a better fit because the space available for a license plate frame is not the same for all vehicles.  Plus, this option gives one more choice for a custom look on a vehicle.

Understanding how things come together and work for the end customer is an important piece of design.  At Synthesis we call it Fusing Ideas, Science and Style to bring excellence in product design.   Even if this Skulls plate frame is not to your taste, the fun CAD and the blending of both art and science is unmistakable.


This new license plate frame we call "Morphed Skulls", is now available.  (That's not the name you'll find in stores, but that's what we call it in development.)  Obviously it's not to everyone's taste, but it is definitely fun as an artistic rendering in 3D CAD modeling.  And, it is pretty well received in stores.

This and other frames with design origins at Synthesis are available at select auto parts retailers.  Just look in the license plate frame display areas and you'll likely see several done by us.  Bringing art to function is one of the key Engineering Services we offer.  Please feel free to connect if you need this kind of complex CAD work.

Artistic Expression in the Science

While it is fun to see, this is just one example of meeting various conflicting needs.  The skulls on the frame emphasize an essential blend of the artistic, the functional, and the manufacturing requirements to make a desirable product.  It all comes together in the design phases, and the result is a balance.  If the balance is good, then the product is sweet.  Of course, this website is full of images showing artistic presentation in 3D parts.  This license plate frame is just the start, and you can see a lot more in the portfolio slideshow and in the article on Synthesis as the Design Department.

We don't guarantee patents will come from our work, yet, like this one, it happens frequently.  This frame is just one example.  When you want help with design and product development services, call Synthesis.  We are happy to discuss your needs and see if we're a good fit.

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