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Custom-Crafted Machine

Machinery makes life simpler, easier and faster.  We design Custom Machines to meet demanding business goals.

An Automated Machine, a Custom Tool, a Jig or Process Fixture.  Save time and money while improving consistency and quality.

Safer, and More Efficient Too!

A Custom Machine can take the pressure off.  If you're combating production overloads, trying to improve precision, or looking for a safer, faster process — a custom machine or tool may be the answer.

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If there is a Repetitive Task you Perform,
Then the right Machine, or Special Tool can
probably help you do it Better, Faster, and Safer.

Visualizing With Past Projects

A look back can say a lot.  Here are a few examples showing where we have been - Custom Machine, and special tools.  Click the + icons to read about the solutions.

Custom Manufacturing Machines
Manufacturing Acceleration

Rock & Roll Machine

The Challenge:
Replace an existing machine, and scale it up to meet new manufacturing needs.  Also, address cooling and stiffness issues of the previous unit.

The Solution:
Like it’s predecessor, the new machine turns a mold as the whole machine rocks end to end.  However, the new one is larger, stiffer, drives itself, and solves the cooling, to achieve peak performance.

With the design from Synthesis, the customer built the machine.  It now runs with increases in both product quality and total output.

Validation Testing
Product Validation Testing

Durability and Intensity Testing

The Challenge:
Design and build a custom machine for testing to replicate rare failures from actual customers.  It must also perform routine product durability testing.

The Solution:
A table mounted machine (not the one in the photo) with various controls for Springs, Dampers, Speed and Direction to make the machine act and test in very different ways.  It is amazingly violent!

The new machine replicated the issues, (then we improved the product design), and verified everything.  Standard durability testing is still ongoing (for many years) giving the customer continued confidence for product safety.

Special Tools
Special Use Tools

Fire Damper Testing

The Challenge:
Invent and build a latch mechanism for ventilation fire dampers that gives instant release to close the ducts when a fire is present, while also allowing inspectors to test and validate damper function.

The Solution:
A simple device (pictured) is serviceable from either side in the ducting, has easy installation and removal by using a special tool (not shown) that opens the damper for installation, inspection and testing.  The tool is small enough and simple enough for the workmen to carry into the duct, but large enough and strong enough to assist with periodic testing requirements of the fire damper code.

Production Fixture Design

Chainring CNC Fixture

The Challenge:
For small batches and prototypes, the customer needed a fixture for CNC machining to accommodate many sizes of chainrings.  The fixture and process had to be cost effective for short run production (speed), yet flexible enough to also prototype new designs.

The Solution:
A 3 station CNC fixture with flexible machining options.  3 rings are in production at once so one is finished at each door open.

With amazing flexibility, the fixture has produced thousands of chainrings in many sizes, just slightly slower than dedicated production machines.

Processing Machines
Continuous Duty Processing

Industrial Lamination

The Challenge:
For one customer, his commercial lamination machines were burning out in only a few weeks.  The alarming failure rate created staggering losses in production time, repair costs and replacements.

The Solution:
Borrowing concepts from another industry, Synthesis developed a custom machine to increase throughput with accurate control of heat, speed and pressure.  The 3 custom machines originally designed and built lasted years (rather than weeks).  Then some repair, and they are still in service.

Increases in production uptime more than paid for the custom machine builds in just a few months.  Now, it's all extra profit.

Machine internals
Harsh Conditions Reliability

Shooting Range Reset

The Challenge:
Build a simple, portable machine to survive the harsh environment of an outdoor shooting range, to reset targets after being shot.  Oh, and it must be portable, at half the size and half the weight of the competition.  Yet, be repeatedly 06 energy (and under) capable.

The Solution:
Taking solutions from several other industries, Synthesis developed an instrument that takes a beating over and over, in the harsh conditions, and continues to function.  Challenges for electronics with impulse, fine shrapnel and other aspects of this extremely harsh environment were overcome through innovation in product development.  (Image shows the internals only.)

Additional custom machine examples (with more detail) are in Engineering Case Studies in the library.  For instance, this Case Study – Safety on the Ski Slopes is a cool addition to an existing tractor.

Results Matter . . .

  Machine Customers Enjoy Some Excellent Benefits

Machine Benefits Left
Customer Benefits Right

Machines are all about making life simpler by making jobs easier.   They help us do things that we could not otherwise accomplish, or even want to do.  Some machines are simple, some complex.  Jigs and Fixtures are not really machines, and yet they have many of the same benefits in saving time, improving quality, and making a job more pleasant.

Custom machines are a feature of Synthesis.  It’s Product Development as a one-off special.  Whether it is by simple hand operation, or full automation – or a fixture, or a jig or custom tool – we do it.  We have made machines in micro size, and in XL.  If this is something you need, we should talk.  We design and build for specific applications – large or small, manual or automated.

Every customer has unique circumstances.  That means together we must consider the application to maximize the benefit of investment.  Custom is not cheap, but the end benefits with efficiency, improved throughput, and higher quality can mean higher profits and a significant ROI – when the application is right.  Talk to us.

The Cost Of Waiting

A Custom Machines is an investment for the long game.  Time and again, we help companies improve profits, by increasing throughput or improving efficiency, or avoiding costly medical bills.

If you are reading this, then you already know where your benefits can come.  Custom tools are not always right, so we'll help you think through it.  Waiting also has a cost, however, so look ahead and plan for success.

More Examples, More Ideas – Custom Machine Design

Below are a few more examples of projects we have worked on.  Large and small.  (Far too many to show them all.)  Of course, your needs are different, which is why we design each machine custom.  Bring us your ideas, then together we can discuss what is feasible.  Maybe we can work a little innovative magic to build a machine for you.  We are only a call away.

  • Assembly by Machine

    Manufacturing Assembly

    A machine to automate the assembly of a metal stamping product with a lot of sharp edges. This is the 2nd Section which packages the parts.
    Process Fixturing

    Component Process Fixturing

    Design of the Fixture and the Tools for processing a large awkward shaped duct component after molding.  Molded and finished part shown here.
  • Manufacturing Machines

    Large Manufacturing Machines

    A large custom machine to lift 12' diameter molds into, and out of an oven, and keep it moving. Note the big weights as counterbalance.
    Destructive Testing

    Destructive Testing

    Test machine validates production with violent destructive testing.  Careful design allows it to out live all the product it breaks.
  • Robotic Custom Machine

    Robotic & Automatic

    One section of a larger custom machine that feeds steel strip from a reel, then accumulates it for periodic bursts of high-speed draw.
    Detailed Fixturing

    Detailed Assembly Fixturing

    When the assembly is so fine it must be adjusted with micrometer handles, that is a perfect time for a small, precise, custom machine.
  • Tooling Design

    Full Tooling Design

    Start to finish.  First the Mold Design, then all the post molding process tools for this part with a complex shape.  Mold surfs and split shown.
    On the fun side

    The Fun Side of Learning

    Is education a good reason to build a machine? This is the winner of a catapult building contest as a library sponsored friendly competition.
  • Serious Machine Safety

    Serious Safety

    A tractor tumbled on a steep ski slope. They hired Synthesis to make sure this tractor did not. The adaption allows work safely on very steep slopes.
    Simple Machine

    Small, Simple Machines

    Machines don't have to be large, or complex.  These are used to move racks of parts and lock them in place at the right time.
  • Custom Machines Delivered

    Designed, Built, Delivered & Installed

    After the design, build and testing, this portion of the machine is now strapped on the trailer awaiting transport and delivery.
    Computer Driven

    Computer Driven Robotics

    Automation comes in a million forms, like this computer driven electric, pneumatic, hydraulic steel measuring and cutting machine.
  • Custom Assembly Machines

    Specialty Assembly Machines

    Some custom machines perform tasks that are too important, or too intricate to reliably do by hand.  Machines can improve quality.
    Adjustable Setup

    How To Categorize It?

    Form follows function for a lot of things, and that's usually how our designs work. This is a dual function part for assembly.
  • Process Optimization

    Innovative Process Optimization

    This one took a lot of creative thinking to achieve the performance desired.  In the end, it ran more than 10X the expectations.
    Mold Design

    Custom Mold Design Concepts

    To meet a quick deadline on a short run, an inexpensive mold with a few tricks was created for tiny features on small parts.
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