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Video – Flashback To A Custom Machine Build

While visiting Provo Utah, we stopped to have dinner at Guru’s, a small cafe in the center of town.  As we talked, I happened to look up at the ceiling, and noticed the “track” lighting.  Not track for lighting at all, but instead, flex track used to support the lights.  Suddenly it was an instant flashback to the custom machine build of several years ago.

The custom machine that creates the track was both designed and built here at Synthesis.  The track design is that of our customer, as is the punch press that forms each section, but the strapping in the track as well as the packaging is part of the automation by Synthesis.  A huge, and very rewarding project.

Well, here’s a quick video of the non-traditional use for hanging lights in the cafe.  While we’re sorry about the poor lighting, and resulting poor video quality, we hope you can see enough to enjoy it anyway.

Non-Traditional Use Of Flex For Track Lighting

This track is really for creating curvy walls, and it is inside the wall, not exposed like here.  I suppose most people wouldn’t think twice about it, but since we built the machine that creates it, I obviously recognized it immediately.  Pretty cool.

The more interesting videos are those of the custom machine build in action.  We have two videos — both of which are on the SIM Demonstration page.  Read a lot more about the big machine with links to additional material on that page.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for indulging our Flashback!

Do You Need A Custom Machine Build?

At Synthesis we design and sometimes build custom machines for manufacturing, for production support, and for custom fabrication.  Also On-The-Jobsite operations.  A machine can certainly make big jobs easier, and repeating jobs much faster — or even automated.  That’s one of the many things we do.

And, it’s not just the automated equipment.  We also design a lot of custom tools, specialty jigs and production fixtures.  It’s all in the category with “Custom Machine” to us because they improve efficiency and productivity.  Please see our Engineering Services page on Custom Machines for a lot more information and examples.

Thank You for Visiting!