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What Is Our Motivation?

There is a lot to digest in this set of Inventors Lab articles.  They come from the many questions we receive.  Yes, we do get a lot of inquiries from folks that invent.  It's natural when you have not done it before.

Some inventors are ready, but many are not sure what to do next.  This "Inventors Lab" feature includes some answers to questions that come up in a typical first conversation, so this set of articles is here to share.

The motivation for these articles is 3 fold:

  1. To give information for you to digest at your own speed.
  2. We provide you the benefit of inquiries from other people, so you don't have to keep wondering.
  3. Selfishly, we write to let you learn and prepare by reading this information rather than repeating ourselves - and dumping more on you in one long conversation than you can absorb.  With these articles you have a place to refer back.

This is NOT a solicitation for services or a sales pitch.  Obviously, we want customers, but it is best for everyone to be informed . . . and ready for the journey.

We don't like taking money from someone who is not prepared for the project ahead;  Or from someone who can't really afford our services.  Those who invent often fit in one of these categories - at first.

Preparing For Success

The road to bringing a product from concept to customer is much longer with many more steps than most people think.  It takes preparation, and endurance. So, congratulations for taking the time to read this set of articles.  This is not the definitive source, but we do have many years of experience to offer.

Some of the steps to your success are right at the beginning of the journey.  Learning where to go, and planning how to get there - are big ones.  So, if you contact us and we send you out to do some homework,  Smile  🙂  It's because we want you to succeed.

And, if you are serious about success, then you will do the homework.

This trip takes emotional, educational and financial preparation, so take the time to get ready.  Believe me, you're not losing time by preparing - you're setting yourself up to avoid the hurdles and sand traps as you move to launch your new product.

Yes, we do have experience here.  You can ignore what I say if you want, but I hope you don't.

Hats Off To Those Who Invent

Hats Off To Those Who Invent

Not all who invent push their products on to market.  Not all who have new products are inventors.  We have customers on both sides, and we tip our hats to you, as you make the journey.  It does not matter where you come from - it matters where you are going.

We've been down this road a number of times - with customers we serve as well as with our own products.  We've seen success and we've seen failure, but we haven't seen it all.

Yes, we provide Engineering Services like the many factors in Product Development, and we're willing to help, but remember, You are your own best advocate.  You must guide the processes, and only you can make it happen.  We are here to HELP, and this free lab is just one way we do it.  We hope you find some value here.  Have a wonderful day!

Learn Lots, and Enjoy the Journey

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