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I have to say, it is really kind of fun to turn on the television and see your customer and the prototype you made as a news spotlight for the world to see.  Here is the Stun Shield product.

News Report Spotlight on a Synthesis Customer and Prototype

This is a very cool, non-lethal approach to protection from a vicious animal - in particular, aggressive dogs.  The product design helps protect people providing services when surprised by an over protective animal.  The Stun Shield is for those reading meters, delivering packages, marking underground utilities, police departments, etc..

Action is simple - kind of like an umbrella. It just hangs by your side until you need it, then in one fluid motion, you grab it, and swing it forward.  The grasp allows the "umbrella" of contacts to spread out at the same time it turns on.  It is all very quick, and safe for the person.  Perhaps not so safe or pleasant for the open saliva covered jaws of the attacking dog.  But, well, that is the point.

Definitive Response

K9 Stun Shield News Report

Colorado Springs News Channel 13 Stun Shield Product Spotlight.
(Update: Sorry, the video is no longer on the KRDO website.)

There are three things I really like about this Stun Shield.  First, it is not lethal, and the animal gets a shock only when it actually attacks.  Second, though the stun is sudden and intense, there is no permanent effect to the animal.  Unless you count the significant change in attitude toward ever attacking a person again!  Third, testing shows that most animals sense the danger before getting to the zap.  They stop in their tracks - even when they seem dead bent on attacking - sensing the ionization of the air or something.

It is a mind bender for the animal, and a protection for the person. The beauty is that it comes into play only when needed.  Way better than getting bit, or shooting an animal out of fear.

Obviously, stepping into an animal's territory can be a daunting task, yet, for many professions, that is part of the job.  Unfortunately, some owners are not so conscience of the need to train and restrain their animals.  This device offers a last resort protection for service folks that are suddenly surprised (threatened) while doing their work.

The Stun Shield

What you see in the image is a 2nd generation full function prototype of the stun shield.  It has been used several times in demonstration for exactly the purpose it was designed for.  Too bad the video is down, because it is actually quite impressive.

This is a project that has been in the works for several years.  The issue, as with many inventors, is money for development, production and marketing.  He does his part, and we have helped with drastically reduced rate services.  But it is more than just our work, it is all the other things required to launch a product.  In this case he gets the interest, but can't land the sales because he does not have product.  A little chicken or the egg.

Frank has been training dogs for ages, and understands the need to protect both the animal and the human.  He is also very aware of the protective nature of animals and territory.  This device is his way of serving both sides - and he is showing over and over that it is effective.  It is a great way to avoid Gun Violence to dogs when they are just doing their thing in their place.  Though not quite the same (as discussed in the article), this certainly fits the concept of Common Sense Security.

If you wish to help Frank financially to complete product development and bring his stun shield to market, let us know.  We can put you in touch.

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