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Save Time & Money Finding Solutions
With An Experienced Engineering Consultant

  • Are time or resource constraints holding you back?
  • Are deadlines flying past while your team is tapped out?
  • Is there an issue that you just aren’t seeing the solution for?

All companies face challenges.  You don’t have to loiter in the status quo or stress indefinitely.  Synthesis can put you steps ahead.

Time and resource constraints don’t have to hinder meeting project goals.  Product failures and challenges don’t have to stop progress.  If deadlines are flying past, or if you just don’t understand the root cause of a problem, Synthesis is a spark to jump forward and find engineering solutions.  We bring years of experience, a fresh perspective, and tons of expertise to mechanical engineering consulting.

The Spark For Solutions

Synthesis is in the business of idea generation and technical problem solving.  With more than 20 years of successful engineering consulting and freelance work, we trust and depend on the creative process.

When you bring Synthesis into your team, we come with a spirit of collaboration.  You get more than just a fresh perspective.  These are some of the benefits we bring to assist:

Seasoned expertise from years of consulting on hundreds of projects

A broad spectrum of experience from a variety of industries

A boost for your capability without a long-term commitment

Scalable costs.  Pay only for what you need

Idea cross-pollination, bringing ideas from other industries to you

Synthesis Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services

What We Do:

The word ‘Consulting’ is a nebulous, catch all term that means different things to different companies.  One common thread in definitions is ‘Fresh Perspective’.

One advantage of working with an engineering consultant is the fresh views that help find solutions and get the job done.  Of course, collaboration is essential.  We’ll work with you and the team to find solutions, then quickly get your team back to focus on the day to day responsibilities.

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Let us dig in, while you keep the lights on and the customers happy.
Here is some of what Synthesis offers in Mechanical Engineering Consulting:

Design Engineering Concept Evaluations
  • Design Review & Design Consulting:
    We help with new designs and evaluating competitor’s designs.  Let us look things over and see if there’s room for improvement, or anything your team has missed.

    These images can’t do the technicality of these projects justice.  But that’s when we know we’ve hit true innovation — the elegance makes it feel like the solution should have been obvious.

Mechanical Forensic Study
  • When things break or parts fail, it’s not always easy to know why, but it’s imperative you find the answer.  As engineering consultants we dig into not just the obvious issues, but all the surrounding factors too.  It’s part of Product & Industrial Forensics.

    Especially when safety and reputation are on the line, Synthesis engineers can zero in and help find the cause.  And, find solutions to get back on track.

Engineering Research or R&D
  • As part of building levers to accomplish your goals, allowing others to assist with the Engineering Research is a great way to do more in less time.

    Synthesis has acted in the capacity as research facility for several customer projects, including the design of the tiny parts above (photo taken with a microscope).

    Research is a great example of Mechanical Engineering Consulting.

Manufacturing Process Evaluation
  • A streamlined process can be a defining factor in profitability.  If you’ve identified bottlenecks or quality opportunities, but find optimization is still evading your team, our outside perspective can help identify possibilities.

    Our goal is to help you reach greater capacity, streamlined flow, higher quality and greater profitability.

FEA & Design Verification
  • Synthesis consults on products and new designs frequently.  Often a new set of eyes, or a specific analysis will help the product reach its full potential.

    Verification of the design — by many methods including CAD tools like FEA — help us learn more about the design prior to committing to a build.

Engineering Concept Testing
  • Validation of a design can take many forms.  Sometimes that’s at the completion of a project, but sometimes it’s early, like in Proof of Concept — perhaps CAD, calculated verification, or something more physical.

    At Synthesis we assess many designs and figure out ways to test early to prove a concept like the actuator above.

Find more examples of mechanical engineering consulting in the Portfolio, and in our growing  Case Studies Library.

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The Key Is Collaboration

Thinking within the box is not our thing.  And, BLACK Boxes are definitely not our thing.

While we understand the engineering process like the back of our hand, we recognize you as the expert in your industry.  We rely on your inside information and bring our creative process to discover the elegant solutions.

Each Synthesis project centers on open lines of communication.  We firmly believe that working together is the best way to find the desired answers.  It also keeps the team guided to make the work effective.

Give us a call to see how an Engineering Consultant can enhance your project or help conquer your design, machine or product challenges.

Are You Ready?

As An Outside Engineering Consultant
Synthesis Is Not Hampered By Industry Traditions

We work with you to leverage the inherent knowledge of your industry, business and customers.  Allow us to bring a collective knowledge of solutions and designs from other industries.  That’s part of what makes us so valuable in your business.

Hiring a consultant may seem like a big step.  But, in reality, we’re less of a commitment than a new hire and we come with a whole lot more experience and skill.  Plus, there are other nice advantages in levers to boost your bottom line.

Over and over we’ve demonstrated . . . Synthesis Mechanical Engineering Consulting is just the ticket.
Our fresh, outside perspective is often just the thing needed to move forward.

Solve Forensic Engineering Consulting

Next Up:  More on Engineering Consulting with case study examples, or Product Design & Development services at Synthesis.