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For questions or comments about Engineering Services, you are in the right place.  This is the best way to contact Synthesis.  Also, if there is something we can Improve, we want to hear that too.

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By Telephone:  ( 7. 1. 9 ) Colorado Springs 380 and 11, 22 (Sorry, we break it up to avoid the SPAM Bots.)

If you'd like to Discuss a Project, please request an appointment using the above Contact Synthesis Form.  We can have a discussion by phone, Zoom, Skype, or in person.  Just let us know what works best.  We would love to speak with you.

We love to hear from website readers, so if you feel inspired, there is a comment section below most of our articles.  Take a minute and let us know your thoughts.  All comments are reviewed before posting, so keep the language clean - we won't post inappropriate or irrelevant content.  We want your comments to enlarge the conversation, so the invitation is open.  Thank you for taking a few minutes to write.

Please Note:  Colorado Springs is in the USA Mountain Time Zone, and we do function with Daylight Savings Time in season.  Please take that into consideration when attempting to contact Synthesis.  We are open most business days, but frequently leave for meetings, to ride bikes, or to shovel snow.  Please leave a message with the contact form above.  We will respond sometime soon.  Thank you.

Employment Inquiries

Employment - We're sorry, There are no current employment openings.  When we do, we'll post here.
* For Your Information, Unsolicited letters and resumes go straight to the trash.  Though we are sympathetic to your cause, if we don't have openings, we can't give it consideration.  Thank you for understanding.

Internships - This year Synthesis will not be hiring summer interns.  We wish you good luck in your search.

Synthesis Services

Synthesis is a full service Engineering Design and Product Development company.  Our specialties are in creative design and development of new and innovative products - whether consumer products, or those of an industrial nature.  Custom machines definitely fit that category, so we have designed and built many.

At Synthesis we do a lot of specialized Mechanical Engineering Consulting - in design, and in diagnosing reasons for failures, in re-designing to conquer failures, and for optimizing in manufacturing.

Our office isn't much to see, but it's the place where all the creations happen.  Design, Prototypes, machine fabrication - it's all part of what we do.  If you need engineering support, you are on the right page to contact Synthesis.  Let's talk.

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