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New ventures are awesome - so much excitement about the future and anticipation of success.  The last thing you want is to get stuck in a way that drains the positive energy.  So, let's identify some of those all-to-common sticky places - we'll call them Sand Traps - where entrepreneurs can get bogged down.

Each new ventures are different, of course, but there are several Sand Traps that are common in product-based ventures. This set of articles (or web feature) will explore and explain some.

In the pages of this web feature, we'll discuss ways to identify and avoid a few Time and Resource Traps.  Use the Right Side menu for navigation to the topics.  >>>>>

Whether as a new company or in launching a new product offering for an existing company, the same pitfalls can apply.  When these traps are ignored, or just not dealt with in healthy ways, it can be like slogging through sand.

Ever take a walk in soft sand.  It can drain the lifeblood of enthusiasm.  The same is true in business.  In these short articles we would like you to avoid this experience, so we'll speak of a few of these Sand Traps and talk about tactics to navigate through them instead of getting stuck.

Topics are shown in the menu (right), with the next topic at the bottom of each page.  You can gloss it, or dig in to glean the details.  We hope you will do the latter, because the sand traps are certainly not fun for a startup.


Synthesis has been helping entrepreneurs for nearly 30 years.  Not only do we help others, we are involved in a few startups ourselves - even before the birth of Synthesis.  This is both first-hand experience and observation from watching others struggle.

Most of what we present is not new, or news, to most.  However, the perspective might be. In sharing, we hope a few of these items are of interest, and that they help you avoid some of the common Sand Traps we have seen for others.

Feel free to send us a note from the Contact Us page if you also have something to add or share.

Startup Week Rewind

A lot of this material was created originally for a presentation at Startup Week in Colorado Springs.  If you missed it, you are still in luck. While this web feature misses the personal touch of presentation, the content is here for you again.  Enjoy!

Peak Startup - Colorado Springs Startup Week

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