Keep Your Startup Out Of The Sand

An Article for Startups and Product Based Ventures


In every new venture, there are places we’ll call Sand Traps, where entrepreneurs can get bogged down. All are different, of course, but there are several which are common in product-based ventures.

In the pages of this web feature, we’ll discuss ways to avoid a few Time and Resource Traps. Use the Right Side menu for navigation to the topics.

Whether as a new company or launching a new product offering in an existing company, the same pitfalls can apply. When these traps are ignored, or just not dealt with in healthy ways, it can be like slogging through sand. It can drain the life blood of enthusiasm.  We’d like you to avoid this experience, so we’ll speak of a few of these Sand Traps and talk about tactics to navigate through them instead of getting stuck.

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Synthesis has been helping entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. Not only have we helped others, we been involved in a few startups ourselves — even before the birth of Synthesis. This is first-hand experience and observation from watching others struggle. As we share, we hope a few of these items are of interest to help you avoid some of the common Sand Traps we’ve seen.

Feel free to leave comments if you also have something to share with the entrepreneurial community.

The Synthesis Team

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