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What Industry(s) Do You Serve?

This article comes from a Frequent Question and our FAQ, written here with a little more detail.  While we do have a few favorite industries, we cover a broad spectrum and love expanding.  We serve in the transportation industry - from massive tractors, to automotive, to bicycles.  We also do a lot in the artistic expression and design industries - converting sketches into artistic, decorative castings, or molded parts, or toys.

Along with the artistic is the broad spectrum of Consumer Products - including Molded Plastic, Housings, and some Industrial Design.  Finally, we can't forget Machine Design, especially Custom Machines, Jigs, and Fixtures for manufacturing or related processes in production environments.  This is all part of bringing engineering success to our customers and their products.

Who Do We Serve?

Here are some of the customers benefiting from our work.  As you can see, they span a wide spectrum of different industries.  There is a lot here, yet that is after more than 20 years.  And, that is, of course, not nearly all of them.

Some Industry Benefiting from Our WorkCustomers Synthesis Has Helped

We Are Not Industry Constrained

Some engineering firms focus in a specialized industry or a distinct portion of an industry.  While we recognize and esteem the value of highly specialized skills and thinking, the Synthesis paradigm is different.  We bring innovative thinking over the traditional boundaries to cross-pollinate in many industries - bringing all to a higher level.  This is our forte in the context of inventive product development and engineering success.

For specialized services that we do not have in house, Our Team expands to bring in the needed expertise.  Our services are not limited to a particular industry, rather we choose to be constrained more by types or tasks within engineering - namely Product Development in various roles of Engineering Design and Innovation.  We also work in an Engineering Consulting role which often is more integrated.

Innovation - The Juniors Solution - Bicycle IndustryProduct Development fits in a lot of different categories.  First, it most often relates to new industrial or consumer products.  Certainly designing new things for a specific market or need.

Secondly, Product Development for us includes the products that make products, like custom manufacturing machines, fixtures, and jigs, that help in production.  A machine is very much a product, and they also require another level of development.

Finally, Product Development includes consulting in engineering areas like product design, analysis, and forensics (failure analysis).  Innovative thinking is an asset for all of these areas, for sure, and this is what we do.

These items are not constrained to one industry, they apply to many - dare I say most engineering design fields?

Where We Like To Play

- They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. - That is why we call it Play.

Of course we work in many areas, but we do have some favorites.  These are a few industries where it has been our privilege to focus, and where we love to work.

  • The Bicycle Industry is one where we have done a ton of work for companies like RockShox, Spinner, TRP, WickWerks, etc.  And this really expands to engineering success in many Outdoor Industry markets.
  • The Toy Industry in general, and specifically, portions of the toy industry where the toys must perform (like in remote control, flight, and other functional toys).
  • Consumer Products of all sorts, sizes and functions.  We help with Shoes, GPS, Tools, Furniture, Gadgets, Bottles, Packaging, and a host of other products.  From concept through all the steps of product development and into production.  (We don't do production or manufacturing here, but we will help you source the right manufacturers and help with getting your product launched.)
  • The Custom Trailers Industry, where we design trailers for unique applications, as well as our own series of DIY Trailer Plans.  Catch the Engineering Case Study for designing a compound torsion axle and walking beam suspension for smaller trailers - in Part 1, and in Part 2.  Then, see the Case Study for engineering success with Tiny House Trailer Plans.
  • Manufacturing Optimization, specifically for areas of molding, roto-molding, assembly and custom machines.  Synthesis has helped a lot of manufacturing facilities make better parts faster and more accurate.  Sometimes with custom machine design, and sometimes with simple process improvements, or special fixtures, jigs, or tooling design.  Depending on the situation, all of these have a place and contribute to engineering success in many industries.

Industry Independent Focus

Perhaps more important than a specific industry, there are several areas of focus, or skill sets we bring, as areas where we excel.

  • Mechanical Design for Industry InnovationWe love projects where Creativity and Innovation shine.  We are known for creatively solving unique problems through inventing solutions for customers.  While this may feel a bit like bragging, or it might sound trite, we invite you to look.  Please visit the Patents List and the big Slide Show to see.  We walk the talk when it comes to creatively finding solutions.
  • Industry Cross-Pollination.  What does that mean?  At Synthesis we are really good at seeing things common in one industry and envisioning how they can apply as a cool solution in other places.  Every industry has unique things that are common in their circles, but the applications often don't trend to other areas where they can be just as valuable.  We love spreading the ideas across industries bringing greater engineering success for everyone.
  • Complex Geometry CAD.  Out of need or natural propensity, we have learned to create and work with obnoxious shapes and Complex CAD that other freelancers pass on.  It is not because we are so amazing with CAD, it is more because we are stubborn enough to find ways to get the desired result.

Does any of this resonate with your goals?  Here is how to get an Engineering Quote if you need one.

Do We Serve Your Industry?

Over the years we have done a lot in a broad spectrum of industries - from Military to Medical - from Toys to Technology - from Bicycles to Bulldozers - from Micro to Majestic.  I am always amazed at the depth and breadth of what there is to see, to learn, and to contribute.  Yet, in all of that, our job with any customer, is creating and innovating to meet their needs.

The best way to know if we are able to help with your project, is of course, to Call Us.  Perhaps our skills and experience can help you too?

Now you know.  This is  Who We Are.  Synthesis is a resource for innovative Engineering & Design Services.  We work in product development in many forms, and in almost every industry.  But don't worry, if your needs are something we don't have the skills to accomplish, we will certainly let you know that too.

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