US Patent 8,617,015

U.S. Patent No. 8,617,015

A very long time in the process, this new USA Patent 8,617,015 titled "Bicycle Chain Rings" has finally issued, Dec, 2013.  It covers the fundamental elements of the bicycle chain front shifting technology used to make the "World's Fastest Shifting Chainrings".

This technology comes through product design and development at Synthesis for our customer WickWerks.  And, it serves as another example of technology we have assisted with perfecting.  A Synthesis Engineering Services, Product Development and innovation help at its best.  These are the kinds of inventions that really make things better for the end customers - once they adopt them.

USA Patent No. 8,617,015 B2 Awarded

USA Patent 8,617,015US Patent 8,617,015 (including the European and Asian counterparts) is one of several patents now in the portfolio for superior bicycle front shifting.  This, like the other Intellectual Property of the portfolio, is available for license through WickWerks.  If that is of interest.  Read the full USA patent at Free Patents Online or learn more on the WickWerks Website.

As an interesting point of reference, this is the parent case for US Patent 8,092,329 noted in an earlier post as well as for the European patent #09814912.3-1254 awarded previously.  Then, there are more pending Intellectual Property as CIP's which also refer back to this important parent case.  Funny how that works.  You can get a patent for an idea that is based on ideas that are still pending.  This product depends on a previous submission.  Weird USA patent laws, but oh well.

Bicycle chainrings made with this technology are the best and fastest shifting chainrings available.  Because of the way they interact with the chain. Rings with this technology shift when others can't.  Yet, they are easy to get.  You can purchase them on the WickWerks website.

Continuation Note, September 2014

US Patent 8,821,329Yet another continuation application (CIP) from the above original case 8,617,015 above was granted September 2, 2014 as USA Patent No. 8,821,329.  This new one is also titled "Bicycle Chain Rings With Ramps".  And, it adds to the WickWerks Intellectual Property Portfolio and is available for license through WickWerks LLC.

The patent list for bicycle shift improvements continues to grow through continued product development here at Synthesis - yielding improvements and even more innovations along the way.

More importantly, the chainrings made with this technology continue to dominate in performance throughout the world - especially in the ranks of women professional cyclocross racers.  (Not sure why women professionals are more open to new technology than their male counterparts - unless it has something to do with sponsor contracts.)  If you ride, you really should try these rings - they may Shift Your Expectations.

Innovative Activity At Synthesis

This is what we do at Synthesis.  We develop cool and innovative products for many customers - in the bicycle industry as well as in so many other industries.  For instance, this patent application for a bicycle derailleur system.

Innovation is not limited to one industry or one discipline.  We focus on engineering, but we also innovate in artistic presentation of engineering, and in creative concepts for solving problems.

Some of our many patents and innovations are the initial ideas of our clients, some start with us.  Almost all are a combined effort in coming to the final elegant solution, and they all improve the businesses for our customers.  And, our customers customers - which is really the end goal.

When you are ready to advance your product portfolio, or improve one of your key products, give us a call.  We can't promise new patents, but we can promise innovative thinking and constructive engineering in product design and development.  That in itself is worth the call.

If you are riding your bike today, we wish you the best of times.  If not then dream of it!  When you get the chance, try this chainring technology.  - Have A Wonderful Day.

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