Who Are We?

Who are we?  A Great Engineering Company serving the World from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Our Mission Is Simple:
Every Customer Has Different Needs & Goals —
We Are The Flexible, Innovative Engineering Resource To Assist In Achieving Them.
This is Synthesis.  We are your Engineering Company for a host of Services.
At our core, we specialize in Innovative Solutions for customers Large & Small.
(If you doubt our claim to Innovative Solutions, please look at the long list of patents.)

About Your Engineering Company

By dictionary definition, "Synthesis" means:  "Bringing the pieces together for a coherent whole."  — This is, from an engineering perspective, exactly what we do.

We love engineering and design.  From top level systems, to awesome products with innovative technology.  We love to create machines, or analyze failures (forensics).  And, we are as comfortable on the shop floor as we are in the office.  In fact, getting our hands dirty in the shop, makes us better at engineering in the office.

Garden Of The Gods ViewLocated in Colorado Springs, we are blessed with inspiring landscapes like Pikes Peak, and Garden of the Gods.  Not only is it great to see, nature is a great inspiration in problem solving.

As an Engineering Company, Synthesis is a Service Provider for a host of Product Design, Engineering, and Development Services.  We also do Functional Design, Systems Engineering, and like to build and test the things we design!  In building and testing, we intimately understand - which makes us better at engineering and design.  It is something that sets our engineering company apart from others.

For samples of the work, please visit the Engineering Design Slide Show.  (We would love to show more, but much is confidential, so a few samples will have to do.)  Or, for the full screen view, visit our presentation site.

We are your one-stop engineering company for Product Design, Consulting, and Development.  From concept to production ready.  (We don't do production, but we'll help you get there, and help you qualify your production sources.  Yes – we are the Synthesis in "Bringing a Product Together."

A Quick History

Since 1996, Synthesis has done hundreds of projects for dozens of customers - around the world.  Yes, we are a small Engineering company, yet our experience ranges wide.   From  . . .  Automotive  to  Medical  . . .  Aircraft  to  Mining Equipment  . . .  Toys  to  Precision Instruments  . . .  Heavy Duty Trailers  to  Lightweight Bicycle Parts  . . .  We work in product design, manufacturing systems, production fixtures, custom machines, precision parts, DIY, forensic analysis, and so much more.

Engineering Company Patent ImageCertainly, our journey has offered many opportunities in dozens of industries, to create and innovate, to analyze problems and to create solutions.  For this we are so very grateful.

We enjoy the engagement in so many amazing industries, and love cross-pollinating good ideas from one industry to another.  Truly, repurposing novel ideas is a great way to innovate.  You can get a taste of our work in many industries by browsing the Slide Show or by viewing the List of Patents.  Not bad for a small Engineering Company.

Intellectual property, like patents, are a big part of the work, with many awarded, more pending and always more in the works.  These patents cover areas from mechanical linkages, to pump systems, to hydraulic control systems, to mechanical clutches, to chainrings, to suspension systems, to bicycle derailleurs, to artistic designs and full system logic layouts, and more.  When we say we like to innovate, we mean it.  See the list.

We invite you to leverage our broad experience, our skills, and expertise to augment your project resources.  If it's product related, or if it needs some innovative thinking, let us be your Engineering Company.

How Can We Help You?

At Synthesis our goal is the "Elegant Solution".
We like to make engineering look easy, not like quantum physics!

Serving Inventors, Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations.
We span diverse industries — bringing added insight and experience to you.

Engineering Company Plastic Part Design

Injection Multi-Molded Plastic Part
The Result of Team Collaboration.

Our Team . . . Building Together

The Synthesis Engineering Team includes those in our company as well as those in our network of skilled associates.  Together, we combine to provide a true Synthesis in Engineering Services and Product Development team.

We believe collaboration in design, for solutions, as the easiest path to success — yielding the best final result.  We look to our customer as the authority in directing the team.  Then, as needed, our network of experts can assist.  While we can’t know everything, we can know who knows, and that is powerful.  Our quest for the Elegant Solution starts anew with each project, and we are not limited by only the resources in house.

Engineering The Future

If the past is the best predictor of the future, it is time to connect.  Success delayed is not usually the most advantageous course.

If you have come this far on our website today, there is obviously something on your mind.  What can we help with?  As an engineering company, we are here to help with years of design and consulting experience.  We bring a rich perspective of knowledge, fueled by innovative thinking to every customer project.  This is how we actively build the future.

Start The Conversation

Custom Machine Video

Custom Automation Machine
Engineering Design and Build by Synthesis.

Synthesis Engineering . . .

Your Engineering Company for product based services like Consulting in design, manufacturing or failures (forensics).  Also for assistance with Product Design & Development in all stages of the process.  We offer more Engineering Services too, so call us if you have questions.  Our greatest niche is Innovative Solutions for products and problems Large and Small, for customers of all sizes.

It's a privilege to serve the world from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  Now you know Who We Are!

Synthesis Engineering Services

Always Innovative Product Development & Functional Engineering Consulting!

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