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Who Are We?

Synthesis, An Engineering & Design Services Company in Colorado Springs

In short, we are your Engineering Company for Consulting, for Product Design & Development, and a host of other Engineering Services.  We specialize in Innovative Solutions for customers Large & Small — Inventors, Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations — around the globe.  It’s a privilege to serve the world from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  Call us, we’re here and ready to help.

Our Mission Is Simple:

Every customer has different needs and goals — We are the flexible, innovative engineering resource to assist in achieving them.

We provide a host of   Engineering Services  for our customers  . . .  Then,
for needs beyond our in house capability, we leverage our network of partners.
. . .  This is Synthesis, your Engineering Company, and this is the Team.

Engineering & Design Services

Who are we? — Designers and Engineers of awesome products, systems, innovate new technology, great machines, devise robotics, and so much more. We also analyze failures (forensics), assist in optimizing processes for manufacturing and other systems . . . and help launch products into production.

We are also the engineering company catalyst in working closely with a network of partners to offer you, our customer, an even wider range of services.  If we don’t do it directly, we probably know a great resource that does.  That’s how we create the simple, robust and reliable solutions . . . the sky is NOT a limit in “bring the pieces together” for our customers.  We are the “Synthesis” in engineering design and product development.

Garden Of The Gods View

Located in Colorado Springs, we are blessed with the famous and inspiring natural landscapes of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and all the surrounding areas.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, being out and about is great for inspiration in problem solving.  We couldn’t choose a better place to run an Engineering Company.

Engineering Company Patent Image

A Quick Engineering Company History

Synthesis was founded in 1996.  Since then we have done hundreds of projects for dozens of customers across the United States, in Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia.  Our field of experience ranges wide from  . . .  Automotive to Medical  . . .  Aircraft to Mining Equipment  . . .  Toys to Precision Instruments  . . . in products, components, fixtures, processes, robotics, custom machines, DIY, forensic evaluations, manufacturing processes, consulting . . . and so much more.

In recent years, the bicycle industry has been a place of residence — especially with WickWerks on drivetrain components, and with other customers like TRP, RockShox, and Vanguard.  You can get a taste of our work in these many industries by browsing the design slide show or view the List of Patents we have contributed.

We invite you to leverage our broad experience, our skills and resources to fulfill your project needs.  If it’s product related, let us be your Engineering Company.

See The Design History . . .  The design slide show is a good place to see a sampling of our work.  Our blog is also a good spot to see news, interesting events, projects and happenings we are involved with.

Finally, for more information in answering “Who Are We?“, please meet the owner, or learn about our team, or best yet, Write Us A Note to discuss your needs.  We are happy to help!

Building Synthesis Video Showing Who Are We

Animated Explanation

The image may look like a mess, but watch the video, it’s much better.

This fun little video highlights the answer to “Who Are We?”  In just a few seconds you will see how this Engineering Company feels about customers, about doing things right, and the twist we feel about building, creating, and always moving forward.

Hopefully it also conveys a little challenge to convention — because Innovation bucks the Status Quo to reap the benefits.  Enjoy.