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  1. benjamin
    July 30, 2022 @ 10:41 AM

    Excellent article. I just started learning SW after many years of using PRO/E (now Creo). My horror when learning all the effort trying to manually fully define sketches in SW. Coming from Creo I could not understand why SW would opt for such a laissez-faire (lazy?) approach for sketch creation. Sketches need to be fully defined, period :). Another gripe I have with the arcane (imho) snapping approach in SW. Just trying to sketch something simple suddenly becomes more labor intensive, with the mouse not really obeying where I want it to go. Maybe it’s just having to re-learn mouse gestures? Still, no kudos for snapping in SW from me.

    After several weeks of using SW, however, I started appreciating other features and approaches not readily available in Creo. For one thing the learning curve in SW seems less daunting (or maybe the years of experience by using Creo is paying off in some way). The context-rich menus, shortcuts and Windows friendly features make Creo seem clunky and almost old school – sometimes. For sure, learning SW has become an exciting goal for the next few months. If only the best features of both could come together. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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