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A Bike Invention – Variation On A Theme

Recycling is sometimes called a "Best Friend of the Planet".  Does that include recycling bike invention ideas too?

While wasting time browsing YouTube this "Incredible Bike Invention" video caught my attention.  Not because I think the things shown are so great, but because the "String Bike" is so similar to the "Alenax" of a previous post about Bicycle Industry Innovation.  What was Old is New again -- but different.

Watch the video, and Fast Forward to 5:03 which is the start of the "String Bike" presentation.  You will notice right away that there are some big differences between this new "String Bike" and the older "Alenax" -- especially in the pedal motion, but you will also see similarities in the drive concept and shift concept presented.  This is a great example of innovation through combining ideas of the past with some added new insights.  Recycling, but with more.

The “String Bike” presentation starts at 5:03 on the video timeline.

Later Edit: It looks like this video was made private, so it might not work. We will leave it here in case they change their mind and make it public again, hopefully. That is too bad, because the string bike invention demonstration is fun to see.

The Art In Bike Invention

I don't believe the concepts shown in the Alenax or the String Bike will change much in the world.  At their heart, they're interesting, but in many ways not so practical.  A lot of complication in the mechanisms is both admirable and concerning.  Yet, looking beyond the big picture, these prototypes are really a work of art.

The String Bike Invention Shown In The Above Video.Great job with the effort and creativity bringing the idea from first concept to the usable prototypes in the video.  Because Innovative Design and Product Development are in our heart (what we do and love), we recognize the hard work and attention to detail demonstrated in this level of prototype.  We especially appreciate the efforts because we work (often) in the bicycle industry.

Look closely at the pieces.  There are some clever ideas - especially in the details of solving some technical challenges.  The bikes in the video represent many hours of thought, design, hard work and attention.  I'm impressed with the effort and what appears to be attention to detail.  Great to see in a prototype.

More Than A Simple Invention

The concepts developed here are thorough.  The front wheel drive implementation starting in the video timeline at 9:56, is intriguing.  That may be the most interesting application of this bike invention.  In many ways this is a more elegant solution to an ongoing cluge in most front drive applications.

Thinking outside the traditional single application is one more evidence of the inventive nature.  Too bad they don't show a lot more detail in what they are thinking.  Anyway, look though the video for other twists in this bike invention.

I don't know, but I'd guess this is from one inventor (maybe two), and a lot of personal resources.  The innovative spirit is alive in this bike invention, but I wonder about the business case for it.  Hopefully it won't totally end up as an invention that didn't happen.

Indeed, this is an example of the wonder and the value in freedom to pursue our dreams in spite of what others may or may not see.  Kudos to the inventor, and we wish you good luck as you pursue your dream.  Thanks again for putting up the video.

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