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Video – Custom Machine Demonstration

Here are two videos showing a custom machine by Synthesis as a demonstration tour.  The project started with conceptualization and design.  It then continued with fabrication, the complete build, and into testing, perfecting and delivery.  These 2 videos provide a quick tour, but admittedly, it’s amature video.  Also, some of the features and functions are a little hard to see.  Enjoy.

SIM Demonstration Video #1

We call it the “Strap Insertion Machine” or SIM because that’s how it started.  We also call it “The Big Machine” because that’s how it finished.  As machines go, this one is not really that big.  However, it does use fair amount of factory floor space and there are a lot of moving parts.

The project started with the central portion where straps insert or thread through the stamping slots.  Think of it as weaving with metal.  As the project progressed, additional features were requested, then added until it became the complete machine shown.  The heart is strap insertion, and the rest is feeding the product in, then post-processing and bundling for final packaging.

Unfortunately, these demonstration videos don’t show the full scope of the machine.  It is about 50 feet side to side and roughly 20 feet front to back.  It has 3 reels of raw material feeding it — one for the main stamping machine at the beginning, then two (one on each side) feeding the strap for insertion.  The videos focus more on the core product flow.

Most of the machine stands less than 8 feet tall, but the feed accumulators are about 13 feet high — one at each end (not shown in the video).  To see more, a second demonstration video from a different perspective is just below.  They show different areas, so watch both.

By the way, if you want to see a non-traditional way the output of the machine — the track — is used, we have another video as demonstration.

Do You Need A Custom Machine?

Whether for manufacturing, or for production support, or for custom fabrication, or for On-The-Jobsite operations, Synthesis designs and builds a lot of cool machines.  Big ones, small ones, and many between.  This one has the largest floor footprint we’ve done, but it’s not the heaviest, the tallest, or the most expensive.

And, it’s not just the automated equipment.  We also design a lot of custom tools, specialty jigs and fixtures.  That’s all in the category with “Custom Machine” to us because they improve efficiency and productivity.  Please see our Engineering Services page on Custom Machines for a lot more information and examples.

SIM Demonstration Video #2

Additional Synthesis videos are available elsewhere on this website, and on our YouTube Channel.  Follow us, or check back once in a while to see the new and interesting posts.

If you need something along these lines, whether automated or manual, please  Give us a Shout.  It won’t hurt to find out if we are able to assist.

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