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  1. Joel
    April 4, 2020 @ 1:10 AM

    Tire casing plays a big role in the acceptable pressure range too. Tougher casings tend to tolerate lower pressures better without fold over in corners or squiminess in general. Additionally, lighter casings can feel mushy if you don’t have the pressure just right, while tougher casings seem to have a bigger sweet spot for acceptable pressure. For context, I’m 150lbs on a rigid bike; currently tough casing front at 16psi and lightweight rear at 23psi. 21mm internal width alloy rims. I like my pressures as low as possible and hit rim (lightly) on most rides. Mostly technical singletrack on loam with roots.


  2. Tim Seeton
    September 30, 2021 @ 3:09 PM

    I’ve read a lot of your information on blueprints trailers etc. I’m not a mountain cyclist like you I’m a roadie. I have always been like that but thinking of triathlons early on had me convert strictly to road now. I have no idea what it would feel like on the road with 700c tires in less than 100 PSI and you’re talking 23 and 25 wow anyways I enjoy reading a lot of your articles and posts. Keep it up you do a nice job.

    I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I’m thinking about the tiny home trailer I have 24 ft double axle it used to be a single wide mobile home. Is bare Bones currently I got it for only 400 bucks. At that price with new tires you would think I stole it. I digress, so I’m in between a heavy duty flatbed or the tiny home super sturdy. I kind of like the idea of the frame being over the wheel but I see the benefits of making it thinner and making it inside frame and lower to the ground. Basically I’m a walking disaster and I think about stuff way too long before I make up my mind. One question I do have is unfortunately I have torso axles and I did enjoy reading your article on why that was bad any free two cents opinion is always helpful. Or do I just say screw it and have you make me a custom one flatbed, car hauler, with the ability to transform within a reasonable amount of time into enclosed utility trailer when needed to keep my tools and other items dry when it rains down here in South ATL or some have said in the past hotlanta….
    One thing is for certain I don’t need slash want or even consider having three different trailers just a transformer maybe scratch the tiny home or make it into a long weekender that idea hasn’t simmered long enough yet as this is the longest reply comment about bike pressure I have carbon mavic rims and I normally put 110 PSI on a training day and I’ve been known to do 130 on a race day with this wheel in the back. But I’m cooking I’m slicing the air with that cool sound as I go by. Whoosh….. Averaging around 19-20mph for 40-60 mile ride.….

    I promise to dig out my mountain bike Gary Fisher out of the garage here one day soon go up to Stone mountain and see what the Olympic mountain bike course does to me. Ha I have a feeling I’m going to be worthless and walking a lot. Even though I do have decent calves.
    Peace out enough of rambling
    Dang it last thought email me back with some of your pricing information or maybe we can work out a deal and I post your information on my website as it’s still up and coming with hot links to yours. Or whatever you were talking about on trading services information don’t ask me. Computers are not my thing but I can build your house with the tools in the back of my truck. I pay a guy I’m not that smart.


    • Eldon
      September 30, 2021 @ 4:34 PM

      That’s a lot of random thinking. When you settle on what you want, feel free to ping us again. Oh, and by the way, don’t get confuse intelligence with specific knowledge. Einstein always reached out to others for help on things he didn’t know how to do — even for help with math.


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