3-Gun Stuff New Scope Levers

New Scope Levers Announced

Expanding their market to include ever more in the product range, 3 Gun Stuff is adding more scope levers for the shooting sportsman. — A concept they came up with, but Synthesis did the scope levers design.

3-Gun Stuff New Scope LeversThis is a nifty little product for those who use rifle scopes with adjustable optics.  It extends the adjustment dial with a lever so there is less force to move it.  It also makes it much easier to adjust while wearing gloves.  Check out the 3-Gun website for more info, and to view the wide variety of product fits they have available.

Simple Elegance In The Design

While the images here show some of the design simplicity in the scope levers, they hide the tricks that really make them work well.  The image below shows one application with a lever installed.  If you have ever adjusted a scope in the field, you can easily see the benefits of this little improvement.

In this photo you can see just how much more accessible the scope adjustment becomes.  This elegant solution is so much easier to handle, but it is not so big that it causes other issues.  The large lever end makes the adjuster easy to access while sighting through it, easy to feel without looking, and easy to move as needed - even while wearing gloves.

3 Gun Stuff - Scope Lever Installed

While we can't take credit for the cool idea, we certainly had a good hand in the design, the ergonomics, the fit, and the style.  Things like this fit in our category of an "Elegant Solution" because it is clean, simple, and just works well.

I suppose, if there is a negative, the ability to knock it out of adjustment while handling the gun is a potential problem.  It depends, I guess, on how rough you handle your tools.  Bumping the scope can also knock it out of alignment completely, so there's that.

Engineering, Prototyping, and Production

At Synthesis we talk about the "Elegant Solution" in engineering design, and these levers are a good example.  Scope levers t0 adjust position with an easy to find and easy to actuate interface.  Since the design is one part plus the fastener, the ring deflects to go over the existing adjustment barrel, and it takes only a small screwdriver to install - or to adjust.  These features make it easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to remove.

The simplicity in design, construction, installation and especially in function make this a good example of what we like to call "The Elegant Solution".  For design, it is the blending of Science, Art and Function to achieve the desired result.

For prototyping, this customer uses a simple rapid prototyping method of 3D printing  to create the scope levers.  The design is one specific for rapid prototyping to enhance testing.  And, these methods prove perfect for the application.  With quick samples, it is easy to test theories, then make the minor changes.  The result is a quick product cycle.

On the production side, 3 Gun Stuff chose Domestic Manufacturing for a bunch of reasons, and it is working as they now expand for more products.  It also gives them the opportunity for rapid deployment of special orders and new products.  Please talk to 3 Gun Stuff if you want one.  Actually, if you use a scope, you should try one.

Beyond Scope Levers

The above Scope Levers are a great example of a simple product.  While we love simple, we also do the more complex, and artistic products, of course.  Please talk to us if you would like our brain power to further your business.  Seeking "The Elegant Solution" is just part of what we always bring to the table.  Call us.  We are ready for your next challenge too.

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