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Innovative Design Solutions

A Springboard To Competitive Advantage

Combine your great ideas with a new and innovative design perspective.  Our job is to help take your business to the next level.  We measure success with . . .

  • Excitement in the Market
  • Compelling Product Differentiation
  • Your Increased Growth Opportunities
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Most of All, Happy Customers

Helping you get there is where Synthesis shines.


Leverage The Power of Innovative Design & Engineering
Get to Market Faster, with Products that Stand Out

You probably have more ideas than you can keep up with.  The trick is getting them into action while keeping the rest of your operations humming along.

Customers are anxiously awaiting the next version of your product.  Costs of goods are rising, employment costs changing and competitors are also progressing.  Let us take away some of that stress.

For more than 20 years Synthesis has worked with numerous companies, forging relationships and creating innovative products to build success.  We know how competitive it can get and how thin the margins can be.  We also know it’s hard to compete against true innovation.

Let’s Set the Standard, and Innovate Together.

Let’s Innovate Together


We are idea synthesizers.  We pair your expertise and our outside perspective and bring to life true innovation.

Custom Machines Direction


Everyday solutions in one industry can adapt as truly elegant solutions in others.  We bring a broad view.

Custom Machines Direction


The cross-pollination of what makes an outside design engineer so valuable.  Experience counts.

Custom Machines Direction


Bringing the right people and resources together at the right time allow design synthesis and feed innovation in design.

Custom Machines Direction

May I See Some Examples?

As a reflection of innovative design, Synthesis has contributed to 70+ Patents in our quest to assist customers.  That’s our contribution to design innovation in a broad spectrum of industries.

For an indepth look, please jump to the Case Studies library.  If you’re in for the quick version, here are three examples of work that made innovative strides for our clients.

Innovative Design With Bicycle Suspension Fork
Design Of Functional Plastic Toys
Innovative Mold Split

Other examples include Bike Rack enhancement, new Trailer Suspension combinations, and pushing boundaries in Prototyping.

These images can’t do the technicality of the projects justice.  But, that’s when we know we’ve hit true innovation.
The elegance makes it feel like the solution should have been obvious.  See More.

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Product Design  &  The Development Process

Our Paradigm Combines Broad Experience
with Technical Thinking and Innovative Design

Your industry knowledge and our expertise can make a powerhouse of a team.  Together, we’ll break through barriers, help you stand out in the market, and delight your customers.  All while we work to save you money.

We rely on product design input from you, as well as the required information from expected manufacturers as we go through the Product Development Process.  It’s how we know the final product will meet your quality standards as well as the end customer expectations for excellence.  For reference, here’s a simple visual map:

Engineering Product Development Flow

For more detail on what’s involved, please read The Product Development Process.

Working With Synthesis

Identify and Understand Project Needs and Challenges

Develop A Scope Of Work And Timeframe For Delivery

Work In Partnership To Achieve Your Goals

Communicate And Collaborate Throughout The Process

How far we take it is up to you.  Innovative design can be as simple as putting together the right concepts.  Or Synthesis can stay on board from sketch to CAD to prototype to production launch.

Are You Ready?

The Best Time To Look For Us . . .

. . . When The Idea Is There, But The Path Is Unclear
  • You know there’s a solution, but you can’t quite put your finger on the answer.
  • If there is worry about a competitor patent or product they might introduce.
  • When some fresh thinking will top off the current ideas with the perfect solution.
  • As you’re balancing deadlines with time for new or improved products too.
  • When you and your team are already busy, yet need time for more as well.

We’re here when you are ready to break the box and make something truly beautiful happen.  Come see what the Synthesis flavor of solutions oriented, innovative design engineering can do for you.

Innovation Is Our Speciality

Our work has yielded many patents, so we’re not kidding when we claim innovative design.

Drop us a line and tell us what’s got you searching.  We’re happy to listen, to talk about solutions, and find the innovative design ideas geared to your success.

Next up:  Read more on Innovation Solutions or about Product Design & Development as core Engineering Services at Synthesis.