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Strong Design
What makes a good Trailer?
Utility Trailer
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Trailer Design

Trailer Design


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1. - Introduction.

2. - Trailer Strength.

3. - Stability.

4. - Versatility.

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Choosing the Right Utility Trailer.

Trailer Towing Tips.
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What makes a Good Trailer?
What to look for when Buying or Building


There are three general categories for consideration with respect to "Good" trailer design:  Strength, Stability, and Versatility (or function).  This article discusses each of these on the following pages as they relate to trailers in general, and to utility trailers in specific.

Generally, a utility trailer simple -- perhaps a flat bed, or flat bed with sides -- that rides behind a vehicle and carries all sorts of "stuff".  More specific versions will have options like tall sides, a tailgate, built-in ramps, or a top -- thus adding Versatility.  However, there are a lot of basics that make the trailer pull well, and carry the required "stuff" as needed for years.

It is key to note that not all items discussed will, or even can be present in every trailer.  Also, some of the items discussed may not be desirable in your particular application.  This article is not the end-all in trailer design.  The intention of this article is to give a better understanding of some of the things that make a difference in the pleasure of ownership, longevity and usefulness of your trailer.

Follow the links below for discussion on each of the included topics.

  1. Trailer Strength   -  Factors in determining a sufficient design.
  2. Stability   -  Why are some trailers stable while others wander all over the road?
  3. How much Versatility?   -  A look at trailer function and some options.
After learning about things that make a good trailer, you may also like to read our guide to choosing the right trailer.

Trailer Design

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Concluding Thoughts ...

The design includes much more than just the cool options you want.  A "Good" trailer will include much more than good looks.  Check out this short series of articles, and you'll know a lot more when you go to purchase or build a trailer.

ContinueNext Up:  Trailer Strength   -  Factors in a sufficient design.

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