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  1. Don Bother
    August 10, 2020 @ 7:10 PM

    I was looking for an Engineering firm for some “Tiny House project”. I guest, I am better to look somewhere else.

    I did not even read all your stuff. I find it insulting for the VICTIM or white peoples like me.
    If you were against racism, like you claim, you will be the first one talking to your political guys saying: We need to fix that, this has lastest long enough. Police that uses military tactic must be banned.

    Why is Floyd death is so terrible? One reason: A Stupid “COP” was training other cops on how to abuse the police power. That cop was teaching that they can abuse their delegated power all day long without any consequence. Just for that action, without the regrettable death of Floyd, he should have been banned from being a cop. He should have been put in accusation for Excessive force. Likely serving 2 to 5 years of prison minimum.

    The USA is a country of racist claiming not to be. You claim –> “You can’t legislate emotion. It’s already illegal to act prejudicially, but that hasn’t stopped it. Police “… <–
    Read that:

    I call you BULLSHIT on that. You can fire cop, you can put them in Jail, you can make their life miserable when they act contrary to their duty. DOING NOTHING IS WHAT HAPPEN right now.

    A trucker on the ROAD has a lot more "Harassment" by the government than a policeman. he/she have a much higher risk to go to jail because he made a mistake when driving. Taxi Driver in NY has a more dangerous job than any police work, anywhere in the USA.
    General contractors have inspection all the time. A Doctor might face a "Discipline" community that is not a joke.

    Cop — Complaisant court ready.

    Suing following COP almost warranty that no "compensation" is ever paid. (I am sure Engineer will like that one).

    Anyway, I already lost too much time reading some of your sites.


    • Eldon
      August 11, 2020 @ 7:17 AM

      You have done a good job enumerating the problem.  I totally agree it’s a problem — and a big one!  My issue is NOT with the problem, it’s with the hypocrisy — because it’s opposite to REAL solutions.  You did not really read/understand the article. (And if you can’t give your name or reply info, then it’s like hypocritical protesters who just want to complain. That is sad.)

      In business we set goals and plan for success.  To be effective, the things we do support the goals.  On the other hand, actions of protesters do not support solutions — they go backward. Screaming at police, blocking traffic, defacing and destroying property only makes more people angry.  Now, our governments — who should have / could have been our allies — are acting like a bad parent with a child having a tantrum.

      Why was King largely unsuccessful?  He violated a basic human interaction.  He pissed off the very people that were causing the problem.  We obviously did not learn.  We even have Mandela as a success, but we’re not learning there either.

      Read the article again.  Yes, it points out hypocrisy, but it also discusses solutions.  If we want justice, we must act justly, with persistence in asking for meaningful change.  WE must be involved in a professional and respectful manner — working TOGETHER with government officials.  And, it begins with BEING the solution we want.

      There are reasons for racism.  There are reasons that police abuse authority.  We must address those roots. Demands, bad behavior, and chanting irrationally won’t bring the change we need.


      • Efren Pichardo
        August 15, 2021 @ 6:09 PM

        If mommy didn’t teach you how to wipe your bum, then police will.


  2. Don Bother
    August 14, 2020 @ 11:15 PM

    My EMAIL address is valid. Just not telling you who I am. I was just looking for an engineer to verify the tree potential Tiny House Trailer. One was supposed to be 10400lbs but I discover the axles are 4000 lbs with very old tire (before modern sizes). But who cares. I will manage it.

    I read your entire article in like 25 installments because I could not “Accept” your message. You are so self-righteous that you anger me at about every sentence.

    If you are so found of Mandella, I volunteer you for the next 27 years of prison.

    So, after reading your entire thing, this is my honest take:
    * You are extremely condescending for all the protestors, all black peoples and many bystanders like me.
    * You are naif
    * Your relationship with the police is not “healthy”. You give them Hero status when they are absolute garbage. Some are good but doing nothing.??? That call being bad. EXTREMELY BAD. A cop that does nothing when another one is “Out of Line” must be sent to jail.
    * I am sure you have a good explanation for the death of Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Alberta Spruill and many others…
    * You also seem extremely racist in your message. Why: The “Black Live Matter” movement is not the way you will do it, so it is wrong. You should not expect people that are different from you too act as you will. That a form of racism.
    * You are right: they might have a problem of leadership. However, they have a good enough message to wake-up the political class. The days they organize themselves, you will be the first to complain.
    * This is the main message I get from this article/blog: Please all black persons and other protestators, crawl back under a rock where you come from so I might enjoy my life of privilege white. (Another racist angle)
    * you are also wrong that the protestor gets nothing. Stop taking the “Pink Pill” or stop washing your news exclusively from FOX (No real News at that channel and the main news contributor, Trump is a pathological liar)
    * A few cities have done something… Like Seattle. The Chief of police just quit because her budget have been slash. Some others cities have started some real change. Numerous chief of police have been fired or have resigned.
    * The problem with the cops is known and accepted by many political figures. Even several Republicans. But the answer is, “We know but there is nothing we can do. This “collective bargaining power” of the cops is in the way”. Give me a more stupid argument!
    * If the police unions do not “modify” its positions, the situation will get worst.
    * Police should be at the service of all the population. This is not the case in the USA.
    * Political structure should include a “Cop Monitoring Division”. Other countries have that. A lot of cops hate it. But kill by cops has been reduced by 60 to 90% in those countries. In at least one of these countries, lying to this special investigation unit might land you in jail for 1 to 5 years. Funny how to true surface now.
    * I am hoping the situation change or that the protestors do not stop until it does.
    * I am hoping for the like of you to get under a rock and wait for better weather when growth-up will have sorted the issue.
    * I am hoping we don’t need a “mini” civil-war before the political figure does something. Obviously, that means that the trouble in Chief has to go. Actually, I am pretty sure that replacing trump will help a lot.

    Just to keep you in the loop: I am white.


    • Eldon
      August 17, 2020 @ 10:07 AM

      Thank you for continuing the conversation.  I welcome the opinions, and you say a lot of good things, though your assessment of me is sorely off base by missing important background.  I don’t hold that against you, since you don’t know me.

      You have misread significantly if you think I am against this cause, or against people because of color, or even against protest. I want the issues discussed, and I absolutely support rethinking how policing is done. I absolutely support holding those with authority responsible.  Yet, the protests do NOT reflect what we want — they’re full of hypocrisy — which is why officials are in CYA mode instead of carefully thinking about improvements.  Voters see the increase in crime, and a confrontational environment will just attract more “bad” cop personalities. It’s all so contrary to success!  I want protesters to see the damage they are doing, then rise above the hypocrisy, so that police and elected officials are willing to work on the difficult issues.  Positivity is far more effective.  (That said, I know it’s idealistic. Most protesters are not emotionally mature enough to set down the baggage, even if it will give better results in the end.)

      Some background:  I have clashed with police on several occasions.  I have written formal complaints, sat down with police superiors to discuss situations, sent letters, written editorials, been part of having a judge thrown off the bench for bias.  Some of those ended in action, and some were brushed away.  My disdain for police abuse is immense, so please don’t accuse me of blindly loving them.  I understand the police problem, personally, firsthand, and I know absolutely that respect and kindness, though assertive, make far better progress than screaming, demands, and destruction.

      Secondly, If wanting people to act kindly and respectfully is “racist”, then I don’t understand the word.  Some of my family is black, as well as friends, but that doesn’t matter, because I did not choose my color and neither did they.  We are all just people.  Do I have biases?  Of course.  I have bias against people who flaunt power (some cops, some judges, some rich people, spoiled brats).  Against people who abuse those who are weaker (bully’s, criminals).  I also have bias against those who are so self absorbed they can’t think of others (looting, graffiti, blocking traffic).  I don’t care about color.

      I will speak for kindness and honesty and thoughtfulness even though I am not always at that level, because it’s right, and because if we all try, we’ll be a better society. I’ve done stupid, so I know what that looks like.  (Hopefully I’ve learned some.)  If a plea for kindness is troublesome, that’s sad.  If I’ve written in an abrasive manner, I’m sorry, I wish I could express it better. And yet, I’m thankful you are reading and considering even if you disagree.  I welcome differing opinions.  Thinking is the first step, and more people need to discuss things rationally. As stated in the article: “That’s just one idea, and I’m sure you can come up with some better.”

      One of my favorite quotes:  “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.”  This is true of many cops. Unfortunately, it is also in BLM and other protesters thinking they have power.  How does destroying property (an injustice) show that we want justice?  How can we expect police to act properly if we can’t?  Respect is earned, not demanded, and not legislated.

      We must BE the change we want. If we can’t act kindly, then how are “we” better than “they”?  Use anger to fuel persistence, then use your head to channel it into kindness and EFFECTIVE actions.


  3. Humberto
    April 12, 2021 @ 6:31 AM

    Protesters are idiots they have been doing this since the 80s and nothing changes except they burn down their own neighborhoods. Go burn down Washington DC or Hollywood that will make a real change.


  4. R
    November 7, 2023 @ 7:46 AM

    WOW. Hypocrisy runs rampant. Unfortunately, humans are all broken and there is no single viewpoint that everyone can accept and support, especially when it comes to how people choose to work/fight for change, or how they live their lives.

    Whatever the objection has been to this posting, I don’t really see any solid criticisms that take anything away from the salient point that; hypocrisy exists in large amounts within the protesting groups and in humans as a rule. Most people do not want to look at the reality of their lack of action and lack of respect for their own personal responsibility.

    Violence, repetitive chants, lawlessness and ignorance will never accomplish anything other than turning people away from any solution and landing many protesters in jail. Be the change you want to see in the world. This is a moment by moment, clean your own backyard and then help others with theirs kind of ideal. We need to focus on the love and respect that we all need and want in life and do our best to live our lives in and from that place.

    Everyone you see is part of you. Some of them may smell bad, look bad and act like assholes, but they are part of you and part of me. Do better.


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