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Links & Preferences . . . Our Biased View . . .

In our interactions with people and places, sometimes we have a particularly good experience.  This page highlights a few positives with links to share.  It’s our way of saying “Thank You“.

Our capitalist society votes with words and dollars for things we want.  If you’re interested in these topics, please take our vote, then use the links to check them out.  You may enjoy them too.

Lightning Bolt
We happened on Lightning Bolt years ago when looking for some special fasteners, and they knew just where and how to get them.  Besides great prices, they offer excellent customer service, so we keep going back.
I’ve never been promised something that wasn’t delivered, and I’ve never felt like an imposition when asking for a small quantity or something weird.  Just an excellent company.
Like what you see on the website here at  We had some help with the visual layout, flow and content.  Contact Natalie at Moxie Tonic for help on yours.
Links to Design by Moxie Tonic
DreamScape Productions
If you need Video, call Nate at Dreamscape Productions.  He’s the guy recording and broadcasting video for our Colorado Springs 1Million Cups meetings — including the presentation by Synthesis.  He specializes in video marketing and works with startups and new businesses for things like “kickstarter” style mini documentaries and ads.

Need a website? Or work done on your WordPress site? We do most of our own writing, but there are definitely times when we need some help with the technical parts in areas beyond our skill. Unfortunately, we hired and fired a few before finding Davood.

Whether you need a whole new website or just help with little pieces, contact DAVOOD DENAVI at his company Binary Web. He’s a freelance developer that knows his stuff in WordPress — particularly with making things look just like they should. He also does webmastering and other web based stuff.  We have used his expertise for a few years now, on several websites — including this one!

For prototype flat metal parts, we’ve used Big Blue Saw, an online manufacturing and waterjet cutting shop.  They do waterjet cutting in various plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless, and more.  If you need something, they’re worth a look.  They even have online self-serve quoting.
Waterjet Cutting At Big Blue Saw
And, for those customers needing such services in Europe, is your source.
Laser Cutting at
TRP is a rising star in the bicycling industry — especially in brakes.  They’re doing some cool things right now.  Their high-end products are lightweight and precise.  If you ride, check ’em out.
The benchmark in bicycle front shifting.  WickWerks chainrings have the best technology.  The chainrings engage with the chain in a little different way — for much faster and more stable front shifts.  — We know these products well, because all the WickWerks products were designed and developed right here at Synthesis.
Chain Rings
Links to Just Serve
Have you ever wanted to make the world a better place?  I mean really a better place?  This organization has set out to do just that, and they’re doing it in a way that just might work.  Follow the links.  They’re asking all of us to donate just a little time helping others — But, most of all, they’re helping us find just where our service is needed.  Go there, look for opportunities, and get involved.  Helping others in a meaningful way is the BEST way to live a fulfilled life.
One of the coolest sites.  Lots of mechanism ideas and many are animated.  Also, many have links to some history about how these have been used in industry.  Lots of mechanical and hydraulic fun.  Mechanical Mechanisms is a great place to get your mind rolling.
Links & Mechanical Mechanisms
Open Office
We’ve been a fan of Open Office since it was first brought to us  . . .  by Sun Microsystems as Star Office  . . .  a long time ago.
It’s an alternate Office Suite (better in many ways than MickySoft) that does all the above (and more) including read & write Microsoft files.  Best of all, It doesn’t rape your pocketbook (it’s Free), and it doesn’t have a bunch of crazy licenses and threats.
As the Android concept continues to mature, I’m becoming more impressed.  Far better than Windows based systems and arguably better than the i’s, it’s easy to take for granted.
Google has done good things in stimulating products and apps through the OS in a way that’s generally accessible to the masses.  Addiction?
Units Conversion
Someone spent a lot of time building this very useful web site.  It must do just about every useful or possible units conversion there is.  Fantastic!  Thank you for making this available.
We like this site for quick units reference.  Easy to use and kinda fun to play with.
Definitely helpful.  Calculator Edge, has a calculator for nearly everything … really, nearly everything for engineering calculations.  Oh, and it’s FREE.  (We like Free!)
It has a few hundred calculators with equations and formulas for Engineering in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Optical . . . and more.  Pretty cool.
Calculator Edge
All About Circuits
On the electrical side of things, the folks at All About Circuits have put together some easy to use tools.  Interestingly, they provide the tool as well as the background information (like the equations) and the applications.

The above links are given as our way of saying “Thank You” for products and services we like.  These are not paid advertisements.  We believe sharing good sources is the best way to promote greatness, and what better way to do it than on the web.  If you need any of these services, the links are above.  Please visit and try them out.  We think you will have an equally positive experience.

Likewise, if you enjoy our website, we would appreciate a shout out from you.  Links back are always appreciated.  Passing the good vibe around is an excellent way to grow positives.  Oh, and if you have a poor experience in something with us, we definitely want to know how we can improve.

Have a wonderful day.  —  The Synthesis Engineering Services Team.