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Library . . . Technical Articles and Other Resources

Welcome to the Synthesis Library — a launch pad to our Technical Articles, Engineering Resources and other Fun material.
From the Synthesis Team, some are Technical Articles, others Opinion, and some are Engineering Fun.  You are welcome to share.   – Enjoy!

Section 1:

Engineering / Product Development / Startup

The Product Development Process

This multi-part article is about making new products, and the process of bringing them from concept to final customer.  The discussion covers a wide range of topics and possible directions in development.

Thinking about ideas to market, read The Product Development Process

A great sub article about Intellectual Property
Patents:  Protecting Your Big Idea
Originally published on, reprinted here with permission.
For Inventors . . .

To all those that have the inventive spirit — Congratulations! and Thank You. You are the ones that keep us moving forward.

Inventors New VentureThe “Inventors Lab” is a collection of articles directed at helping inventors navigate obstacles to bring an invention to market.  Topics include Protecting Your Idea, the dreaded NIH Syndrome, and more.  The collection is written, as it says, “For Inventors
Keeping Your Startup Out Of The Sand

In every new venture there are spots where entrepreneurs get bogged down. For product based ventures, some spots are common — for both new companies and for new products of an existing company.

Startup Business Model CanvasSometimes these tricky spots are ignored, or just not dealt with in healthy ways because slogging through them can be exhausting. If you stay in the entrepreneurial quicksand too long, it can drain the life blood of enthusiasm, so here’s the antidote. This article speaks to several of these Sand Pits giving tactics to navigate through them instead of getting stuck.

Section 2:

Trailers & Trailer Design

What makes a good Trailer?Interested in trailers? Trailer design? or Trailer Engineering?  This article touches all of those subjects — for all sorts of trailers — What Makes A Good Trailer Design. These are the things that make the big & little differences for functional operation, enjoyment in use, and in the ownership experience.

The main article is divided into main subjects to examine engineering factors of Strength, Stability, and Versatility.  If you need a trailer, or are looking to build one, these article sections have some interesting points. Or, if you have a trailer that is not performing as it should, the included information may shed some light on things to look at.
Choosing the Right Utility TrailerChoosing the Right Utility Trailer . . .

. . .  a short article with quick lists of things to consider when choosing a trailer – any trailer – but, especially a utility trailer.

A quick read may give insight to help in your search for the right utility trailer. Think of the contents as the practical side of what we think about, as a trailer engineer, after all the consulting and design we’ve done.
Trailer Towing Tips

We’ve all see them . . . the nut cases towing a rickety contraption down the road . . . you try to pass by quickly so you’re not there as a witness to, (or worse, a victim of) the pending disaster.

Of course, you are not “THAT” person — you wouldn’t be here reading this if you were. That being said, we can all learn, so here are some ideas to make your towing experiences better.  These are the right things to make your trailer trips enjoyable, productive, and to keep you safe on the road.
Mechanical Elements Blog ArticlesFrom The Mechanic

Want to read more about Trailers?  Do you want to build one?  We can help!  Great trailer plans are available at Mechanical Elements .com — a feature of Synthesis Engineering where we sell various Do It Yourself project plans — including Trailer Plans. As you might expect, the plans are engineered by us, for awesome performance.

In addition, Mechanical Elements has a blog called “From The Mechanic” which has technical articles and tips for DIY projects — all kinds of projects, not just trailers.

Section 3:

More Fun — Less Technical Articles

Going Pro/Extreme at the Pinewood Derby  — An article written for Pro/E Magazine about having a little bit of fun at the races — and, of course, using Pro/E to do it.

Pro/Extreme is the name of a car built to compete in a no rules, veterans version of the classic Cub Scout Pinewood Derby — a light hearted competition gone (in this case) a bit Extreme. (Well, it has an aluminum CNC chassis, SLA body, balanced rubber ‘n aluminum wheels, 18V overdriven motor and direct-drive 3-speed automatic transmission. Is that extreme?)

For another perspective, I found this article from someone that followed the concepts of Pro/Extreme.  Also a very cool project.  Thank you for the acknowledgement and the link back.
Engineering Blog Technical ArticlesThe Engineer’s Perspective

For shorter articles on a number of different topics, check out the Synthesis blog area we call “The Engineer’s Perspective.” There you’ll find “Case Studies” of how Synthesis has helped other customers; there are short technical articles; and we’ve included a bunch of fun milestones for our customers and design projects in the “News” category.

The blog posts are written to share a little about what we do, the engineering side of how we do it, and why our customers benefit from the services and consulting of Synthesis. Basically, it’s written for you. Enjoy.
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Synthesis Historical Posts & Information.

Older Archives

Stuff that’s been around for a while, but still gets some traffic. Enjoy!


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Accelerating Pro/E Design
( Part 1  &  Part 2 )

Design faster!  Get through the menus quickly.  Reduce frustration and make tasks easier.  Focus on your work rather than on how Pro/E works.  Sound good?  Read the Article.
Pro/E Tips Library

For several years, Synthesis published a Pro/E Tip-of-the-Month newsletter, then archived the tips here on the website for visitors to view. Though many are now outdated, these short technical articles still get a lot of visits.

If you want more info about Pro/E, visit our Pro/E Tips Library. It is full of info on Pro/E tips, tricks and techniques — more than 100.

It’s worth noting:  Even now, Creo operates on mostly the same mathematical engine, so, in these tips, the menu selections are totally different, but the fundamentals, in many cases, are still quite valid. Enjoy!