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Articles  . . .  a Technical Articles & Opinions Section
Links This informational feature of the Synthesis web site was created as a place to publish information about engineering, engineering design and related topics.  - Enjoy!
The Product Development Process The Product Development Process is a multi-part article about taking an idea from concept to customer.  This is intentionally a generalized discussion to cover a wide range of ideas and development directions.

If you want information about bringing ideas to market -- read this article.

A great sub article on Intellectual Property  --  Patents:  Protecting Your Big Idea
An informative overview of patents originally published on - reprinted with permission.

For Inventors . . . 

To all those that have the inventive spirit  --  Congratulations!   and Thank You.  You are the ones that keep us moving forward.

The article "For Inventors" is a collection of short notes directed at helping inventors navigate obstacles and distractions of bringing an invention to market.  Topics include Protecting your idea, thoughts about Patents, Making Plans, Pit-Falls, Financial Implications, etc..  The collection is written, as it says, "For Inventors . . ."

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What makes a good Trailer? This feature, about Trailer Design is a multi-part article about trailers -- things that make the big & little difference for enjoyment in use and in ownership.

Factors of Strength, Stability, and Versatility are examined.  If you need a trailer, or are looking to build one, read this.

Choosing the Right Utility Trailer . . .
     . . .  a short article with quick lists to consider when choosing a trailer - any trailer - but, especially a utility trailer.

A quick look here may give insight to assist in the search for the right utility trailer.

Choosing the Right Utility Trailer

Trailer Towing Tips
A list of things to remember when towing a trailer.  Things to make your trailer trips enjoyable, productive, and to keep everyone safe.


A Little Fun Reading

"Going Pro/Extreme at the Pinewood Derby", an article written for Pro/E Magazine, is about having a bit of fun at the races - using Pro/E to do it.

Pro/Extreme is the name of a car built to compete in a no rules, veterans version of the classic Cub Scout Pinewood Derby -- a light hearted competition gone (in this case) a bit Extreme.
(Is a CNC chassis, molded body, ballanced rubber 'n aluminum wheels, 18V overdriven motor with direct-drive 3-speed automatic transmission extreme?)

For another perspective, I found this article from someone that followed the concepts of Pro/Extreme.  Also a very cool project.  Thank you for the acknowledgement and the link back.

Derby Magazine Cover


FTP,  or  File Transfer Protocol  is an efficient method of moving files, however, it can be a little daunting if you're not familiar.  To send or retrieve files from Synthesis that are too big for e-mail, just follow these directions.  (You'll need a Login ID and Password to use our FTP site.) FTP


Accelerating Pro/E Design
( Part 1  &  Part 2 )

Design faster!  Get through the menus quickly.  Reduce frustration and make tasks easier.  Focus on your work rather than on how Pro/E works.  Sound good?  Read the Article.

For more interesting info on Pro/E tips, tricks and techniques, please visit the Pro/E Tips Library.

Building Projects

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