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Our Team  . . .  Making Product Development Happen  . . .
Design The Synthesis Engineering Team includes those at our office as well as a network of close suppliers and small businesses combined to provide a true Synthesis in product development.  The concept of Synthesis is "bringing the pieces together", and this team is organized to do just that for our customers.  The team allows us to accomplish necessary tasks quickly, with efficiency and precision.

When we say we can do it, we really do have the expertise available to accomplish the tasks.



Success in Product Development is achieved by bringing together the right combination of people, with knowledge, technology and creativity to meet the unique demands of each project and each customer.

Synthesis has the team, and we know the Process.

Product Development

from Concept ...

through Design ...

and Prototyping ...

to Production

We'll help you tackle any portion ... or the whole process ... Let us know what pieces you would like assistance with, and we'll help bring it together for you.

Call us, and let Synthesis help bring the pieces together.

(719) 380-1122
For more information, read our feature article:

"The Product Development Process".

Our Engineering Services Team Includes:S
All of us at Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.
Plastic Injection Molding & detailed plastics parts molding consulting.  Dave is a wealth of knowledge about plastics, and a very accommodating person.
    --- Pikes Peak Plastics, in Colorado Springs.
Electronics - circuit and hardware design, layout and PCB fabrication (prototype & production).  There are few good local sources depending on the needs.
Electronics design and prototype fab, embedded processors, code and software.
    --- Copper Ridge Systems,
FEA and Thermal Analysis.  We have two top notch experts that provide a wonderful service, through us, for our customers.  See a sample.
CNC Machining, prototype & short run production, tooling, etc..
    --- For high precision and attention to detail, Monson Manufacturing, or
    --- for more general machining Pro Machine
Rapid Prototyping in SLA, Urethane, ABS and many others.
    --- Protogenic (part of Spectrum Plastics).  Tell them Synthesis sent you.
Patent and Intellectual Property legal assistance.
    --- We work with Linda at Gould, Whitley & Marshall on many projects.
Several other local and national resources - to provide parts, specialty services, prototypes and expertise in a number of demanding fields.

The Synthesis Engineering Team has experience in numerous fields (see our Design Slide Show for examples).
Please give us a call (719) 380-1122 or drop us a line and let us know what we can do for you.


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