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Valves Eldon Goates is the founder and owner of Synthesis Engineering Services.  He received his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Brigham Young University, and that was just the beginning.

After school, Eldon worked with Ford Motor company for several years in the Advanced Powertrain areas doing research and design.  It was a privilege to work on future automotive projects (mostly power transmission related) requiring the invention of all sorts of new technologies.  (Several patents were awarded.)  Particular areas of focus included electro-hydraulic control systems, mechanical clutches, linkage mechanisms and system level functional design & analysis.

Lever Mechanism
Eldon left Ford for the Rocky Mountains and to collaborate with an engineering research team in the development of a new line of mill discharge slurry pumps. Slurry Pump
( Slurry pumps are big centrifugal machines used to pump rocks.)

By applying new technology in both manufacturing and design to a relatively mature industry, a new pump with superior efficiency and wear characteristics was born.  The application of sound engineering principles like statistical design of experiments and reliability methods directed the design to an outstanding new product.


Team Ride

In 1996 Eldon branched out as Synthesis Engineering Services, inc..  Since then he has focused his engineering, artistic and creative talents on developing products and new technologies for our customers.  There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from creating new products, with new technologies, then seeing them successful in the marketplace.  There is also a great deal of satisfaction in having delighted customers.

For samples of our work, please visit our Slide Show.  (We would, of course, like to show samples of all our work, but much of it is confidential, so a few samples will have to do.)

Many patents are currently awarded to Eldon, with still more pending and always more in the works.  These patents cover areas from mechanical linkages, to pump systems, to hydraulic control systems, to mechanical clutches, to chain rings, to suspension systems, to artistic designs and full system logic layouts.  For more information, please refer to the list of patent numbers and short descriptions.

Bad Habbit

For Eldon, engineering is a lot more than just work, it's a way to have fun!  In the picture he is seen with one of his passions -- the motorcycle streamliner he designed and built to race on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  He also uses his engineering skills in other hobbies and passions like bicycling, audio systems, climbing and computers.

These days it is not uncommon to see Eldon out testing bicycle components he has designed or built for one of several bicycle industry customers; ... or to see him with the Front Rangers Juniors Cycling Team which he coaches ... or both.  Cycling is a passion too, and what better than to put your creative energy toward something you're passionate about? 

To meet personally with Eldon, call or e-mail us now.  You will discover that the skills and determination of the owner set a course for excellence.  Your decision to work with Synthesis Engineering Services is one of the best you will make.

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