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Be Faster, Cheaper & More Consistent
with a Specialized Custom Machine

Machinery is all about making life simpler, easier and faster; and the right machine makes all the difference.  When it’s reliable and tuned to the demands of your business, it certainly helps in meeting business goals.

Saving time, money, and creating a safer environment are what machines do best.  Whether it’s a fully automated machine, a simple Jig, a special process Fixture — Custom Machines help get things done.

Safer, Faster, More Efficient

If you’re combating production breaks, trying to improve precision, or looking to create a safer, faster process — consider custom machine design as an answer.

Companies, Both Large & Small
Hire Synthesis For Custom Machines

Building a custom machine is a big decision.  Hiring Synthesis to assist is easy.  We design and build special machines, custom fixtures, handy jigs and unique tools.  We all succeed when the solutions are on-point to save both time and money in the long run.

From large automated manufacturing or testing machines on down to process fixtures and simple custom tools, Synthesis can help find a path to better business.  Our experience in a variety of fields gives access to a surprising number of ideas.

Visualizing With Past Projects:

Manufacturing Custom Machine
  • Rock & Roll Machine

    The Challenge:
    Replace an existing machine, then scale it larger to meet the client’s new manufacturing needs.  Also, address heating, cooling and stiffness issues of the previous machine.

    The Solution:
    Like it’s predecessor, the new machine drives the mold as the whole machine rocks.  However, the new one is larger, drives itself, and solves the heating and cooling issues.  It also solves stiffness and drive issues to achieve peak performance.

    With a design from Synthesis for straightforward fabrication, the customer built the machine, and increased their output.

Custom  and Special Tools
  • Fire Damper Testing

    The Challenge:
    Invent and build a latch mechanism for ventilation fire dampers that gives instant release to close the ducts when a fire is present, while also allowing inspectors to test and validate damper function.

    The Solution:
    A simple device which is serviceable from either side in the ducting, has easy installation and removal, and withstands fire.  With it, we designed and built a special tool for inspectors to simplify and assist with periodic testing requirements of the fire damper code.

Design & Custom Machine Design
  • Lamination Machine

    The Challenge:
    In one application, commercial lamination machines were burning out in a few weeks.  The alarming failure rate created staggering losses in product, production time and repair costs.

    The Solution:
    Borrowing from another industry (laser printers), Synthesis developed a custom machine to increase throughput with accurate control of heat, speed and pressure.  The three custom machine design originally built lasted years (rather than weeks).

    Increases in production uptime more than paid for the custom machines in just a few months.

Specialized Automated Testing Machine
  • Durability and Intensity Testing

    The Challenge:
    Custom machine design and build for testing to replicate rare failures from the road.  It must also perform routine product durability testing.

    The Solution:
    A table mounted machine with variabilities to facilitate both needs.  Springs change, dampers change, and controls for speed and direction make the machine act and test in very different ways.

    With the new machine, the issues were replicated, the design changed, then the new product was verified.  Standard durability testing is ongoing (for several years) giving the customer continued confidence for product safety.

Fixtures and Tools
  • Chainring CNC Fixture

    The Challenge:
    For small batches and prototypes, the customer needed a fixture for CNC machining to accommodate all different sizes of chainrings.  The fixture and process had to be cost effective for short run production (speed), yet flexible enough to prototype new designs.

    The Solution:
    A 3 station CNC fixture with flexible machining options.  One ring — whether prototype or production, is cut with each door open.  With amazing flexibility, the fixture has produced thousands of chainrings in many sizes, just slightly slower than dedicated production machines.

Continuous Duty Workhorse Machines
  • Shooting Range Reset

    The Challenge:
    Build a simple, portable machine to survive the harsh environment of an outdoor shooting range, to reset targets after being shot.  Oh, and it must be portable at half the size and half the weight of the competition.

    The Solution:
    Taking solutions from several other industries, Synthesis developed a custom machine that takes a beating over and over, and continues to function.  Challenges for electronics with impulse, shrapnel and other aspects of this extremely harsh environment were overcome through product development.

For more examples, please browse the Portfolio, and our Case Studies Library.

Working With Synthesis

Every project is unique.  Synthesis is on the job, from concept to final build.

Listen, Identify and Understand Project Needs

Collaborate & Reason Together to Find the Right Solution

Customize and Design the Solution

Build, or Oversee the Project Construction, Then Integrate

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Results Matter

If Proof is in the Pudding . . . Then
Let’s Look at Benefits Our Custom Machine Clients Enjoy

Seamless Throughput

A new laminating machine that outlasted its predecessor by 50 times the life — totally avoiding costly production delays and maintenance nightmares.

Custom Machines Direction


Automating a dangerous process reduced workplace accidents, keeping workers safe and on the job.  It also lowers insurance, medical, and time-off costs.

Custom Machines Direction

Time & Resource

On-site crushing and compacting custom machine design for one contractor eliminates multiple trips to the landfill and frees up valuable human resources.

Custom Machines Direction

Better Job Performance

A simple tool helps machinists accurately place a large, flexible product to perform the needed operations, to decrease scrap, and to increase quality.

Custom Machines Direction

If there’s a repetitive task you perform, then a machine, a fixture, a jig or a special tool can probably help you do it better, faster, and safer.

The Cost Of Waiting

Custom machines are always an investment, but they are part of the long game.  Time and again, we help companies save money, increase throughput, improve efficiency, or avoid costly medical bills and even lawsuits.

As part of the initial process, we discuss the benefits custom machine design will bring to your company.  In the analysis you’ll determine if gaining speed, precision, time and consistency is worth the investment.

Waiting delays the potential profits and reduced stress of greater efficiency.

Start The Conversation With An Inquiry

If you’re tired of making do or putting bandaids on a problem, it’s time for action.  There is a better way, and now is the time to start the savings.

Let’s Find A Solution, then Build It Together

More Examples, More Ideas – Custom Machine Design

Below are a few more examples of projects we’ve worked on.  Of course, your needs are different which is why we design custom.  If you don’t see something here that’s similar to what you need, we are only a call away.  Let us know how we can support you.

Custom Machines And Automation

  • Manufacturing Assembly Machines

    Manufacturing Assembly Machines

  • Production Acceleration

    Production Acceleration

  • Testing Durability Machines

    Testing Durability Machines

  • Robotic & Automatic

    Robotic & Automatic

  • Just For Fun Machines

    Just For Fun Machines

  • Serious Safety For Machines

    Serious Safety For Machines

  • Small, Simple Machines

    Small, Simple Machines

  • Complex Process Functions

    Complex Process Functions

  • Robotic Machines

    Robotic Machines

  • Innovative Process Optimization

    Innovative Process Optimization

  • Adjustable Setup Machines

    Adjustable Setup Machines

  • Unique Function

    Unique Function

  • How To Categorize It?

    How To Categorize It?

  • Automated Packaging

    Automated Packaging

  • Built, Delivered & Installed

    Built, Delivered & Installed

Manufacturing Support And Consulting

  • Tooling Design

    Tooling Design

  • Detailed Assembly Fixturing

    Detailed Assembly Fixturing

  • Process Fixturing

    Process Fixturing

  • Design For Manufacturing

    Design For Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Machines

    Manufacturing Machines

  • Insert Mold Design

    Insert Mold Design

  • Special Tools Minimize Cycles

    Special Tools Minimize Cycles

  • Process Methodology

    Process Methodology

  • Design For Assembly

    Design For Assembly

  • Robotic Manufacturing Machines

    Robotic Manufacturing Machines

  • CNC And Other Fixtures

    CNC And Other Fixtures

  • Specialty Assembly Machines

    Specialty Assembly Machines

  • Mold Design Concepts

    Mold Design Concepts

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