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Pro/Engineer   November 2003   Tip-of-the-Month

Formatting with Drawing Text

If you've worked with drawings, you've probably used the Text Style functions to format notes.  Did you know you can divide and manipulate different portions of the text independently?

Here is a simple drawing note: Drawing Note


As an example of manipulating portions of the text, the "NOTE" part can be effectively bolded and enlarged slightly.  The line spacing can be increased, and certain pieces can be changed to draw attention or to make the note easier to read.

(This may be an over-done example, but it illustrates the point.)

Enhanced Drawing Note

First the "NOTE" and line spacing.  Select Format > Text Style, then choose the "NOTE" text.  This will bring up the Text Style dialog box.  By changing the font, size and line spacing, we get most of the result shown above.

Pro/E Drawing Text Style
(Note that the Text Style dialog box is divided into sections.  Some of the options effect only the text that was highlighted prior to opening the dialog -- Character.  Some of the options effect everything within the note containing the selected text.)

The next step is to isolate a part of the text, in this case the "DRAWING NOTES" text, so it can be changed without the rest of the line.  To do this, edit the text line and add the squiggly parentheses and numbers as shown here:

Text Line Edit

The parentheses and numbers designate that portion of the text to be handled independently.  By choosing that portion of text when selecting text to style, only that portion will highlight, and it can be treated on its own.

Although note blocks such as these are often controlled by corporate guidelines, there are other good uses for knowing this.  One is with symbols because they sometimes need attention (like the one above shown slightly larger than the rest of the font).  Other times you need to very clearly post information like this: Other Text Style Uses

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I played with the text functions of Wildfire a little to see what differences may have been implemented, but it crashed a couple times and I gave up.  (Wildfire really stinks.)  Basically, the dialog boxes and menus are a bit rearranged, but functionality is the same.


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