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MARCH 1999

In answer to your questions ... 
          here is a short TIP on  Working with Text
Image 3, March 1999
Image 5, March 1999

Pro/E's solid geometry text is not a high point, but it does have some good functionality that will get you through most of the requirements for text modeling.

Text can be built into just about any feature that will allow multiple closed loops in sketcher including protrusions, cuts, etc...  It can also be used with non-solid features like curves and cosmetics.

To create it, simply enter sketcher and use  SKETCH > ADV GEOMETRY > TEXT  then follow directions.  After entering the characters, you will be asked for a box.  This is like the rectangle tool.  Just put one in the general area you would like to see it, then you can modify it later.  If you want multiple lines of text, simply repeat the process because Pro/E treats each line of text as a separate sketched entity.

Once text is in the sketch, you will need to locate it.  This is done with dimensions in the same way you dimension a point.  (See Fig. 1)

Figure 1, March 1999

Figure 1.
Now you have the text input, how can you change the look?

While still in sketcher, use MODIFY then pick the text.  In the next menu choose to modify the TEXT LINE or the TEXT STYLE.  A pick on TEXT LINE will allow editing of the text (like in the drawing mode) to add or change characters.  The menu item TEXT STYLE allows you to change the appearance with a separate, fairly straight forward, dialog box.  Figure 2 shows some examples.

Figure 2, March 1999

Figure 2.
Note:  The "font3d" or a closed area user-defined font is required for solid geometry -- cuts or protrusions.  Other fonts like those shown above can be used with curves and cosmetics.  This also allows a line style color change as shown.

For other examples of how text can be manipulated, see our January 1999 Tip-of-the-Month, and the arrow images on each TIP page which were created in Pro/E as solids using text.  You may also wish to check-out a supplemental product called "Advanced Text" from RAND TECHNOLOGIES for adding text to models in a variety of ways.  I have not used it, but it looks very interesting.

New Note:  (added Feb. 2000) PTC has added True Type fonts with 2000i.  For more information, please see our February 2000 tip of the month.  The direct link for Rands "Advanced Text" went bad so it was removed.

A word of Caution:  Adding text can be impressive in a model, but be aware that text is a CPU and disk hog -- especially if you draft or round it.  A little text can drastically increase the size of your models, as well as increase the time for retrieval and regeneration.

Image 4, March 1999

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