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Pro/Engineer   September 2002   Tip-of-the-Month

Putting File Names in Drawing Notes

Need to see the drawing or a model file name on your drawing?  Either can be put in a note with the following notation:  (Works in 2001, but not in 2000i.  Don't know about i^2.)

  1. &DWG_NAME
- The drawing name given is the file name of the current drawing.
- The model name given is the file name of the current model -- part or assembly.

Note:  The file extensions (.DRW .PRT .ASM ...) are not given, so if it's important, add it as text.

If your drawing has more than one model (like an assembly drawing), by default Pro/E gives the current model, but you can designate any model by using the internal object parameter {&MODEL_NAME:17}, or by changing the current model to the desired one using VIEWS > DWG MODELS > SET MODEL (or ADD MODEL if it has not been explicitly added) prior to making the note.

A practical use for this is to add the drawing file name to the title block, or just underneath.  For models, when a physical part is to be made directly from the model (machined from the CAD model for example) put the file name in the note for clarity.

Pro/E Drawing Note


Pro/Engineer Drawing Notes

To show model file names in a table repeat region, the syntax for the repeat region is "ASM.MBR.NAME".  Why is it different?  Who knows.  The other thing to watch for is the use of "DRW" and "DWG".

Thanks for visiting.  See you again next month!

UPDATE NOTE:  If you have trouble with this functionality, try inserting the parameter in lower case (model_name).  There appears to be an issue with some builds of the software or with some machines where capital letters won't work.  Good Luck!

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