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Pro/Engineer   July 2005   Tip-of-the-Month

Preview to View Earlier Model Iterations

The File Open dialog in Pro/E has a nice Preview function that can be used to get a peek at a model prior to opening it.

Did you know you can also use it to see previous versions of a model -- even though they are not shown in the list?

Pro/E model versions are not usually shown in the list, but you can select them anyway by simply adding the version number to the end of the file name.  For instance, by using a file manager (like Window Explorer) you can view the Pro/E file name extensions.  Since Pro/Engineer saves versions of the files (with a numerical value at the end of the file name), if you need to go back a few steps, you can.

To view the various versions, you can use the Preview function of the File Open Dialog.  Just type in the version number you want to see, THEN select Preview.  An example is shown below.



To see another version of the model:  Type in another version number, Turn OFF Preview then turn it ON again (as shown in the following 2 images).




Yes, sometimes the Preview does not work -- I don't know why -- However, when it works, this is a pretty nice function.


Have a GREAT Month !!
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