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Pro/Engineer   May 2005   Tip-of-the-Month

Retrieving Data from IN SESSION Sections

Here you are, working on a part.  You just got into Sketcher and you realize that the section you need is very similar to one you just created an hour ago.  Hmmmm.

You can:
    1.  Draw it again.  (If the section is simple, this is a good choice.)

2.  Quit out of sketcher then Redefine (Edit Definition in WF's) another feature where the similar section was used, save the section, then return to where you were and import the saved section.  (Some added work, but very worth while if the section is complex or if repeating the section exactly is desired.)

TIP:  If features are to be related -- like a protrusion and a hole -- it is usually good to use the same dimensioning scheme.  If the features are not really simple, making the sections from each other can be a time saving practice.  If you know this will happen in advance, simply save the section when you complete the first one.  It will then be available for re-use even if you Exit, Erase items In Session, or if Pro/E crashes.

TIP:  If you happen to get started on a feature, then in Sketcher realize that you need to save a section from a previous feature, sketch something simple like a circle, finish the feature, then come back and redefine it later.  This will at least save the work of starting the feature.

3.  If the section information you need was created in your current session of Pro/E, you can simply retrieve it using the IN SESSION button in the File Open dialog box.

If the section was used in your current session and you know about when, then select Sketch > Data From File.  When the Open File dialog box opens, select the IN SESSION icon .  You will now get a list of sections currently IN SESSION.  See Figure 3.  Unfortunately, the sections are not well named, and they do not have a Preview.

The last section on the list is your current section -- the one you are currently sketching.  The next to the last section is the previous one -- the last one you sketched -- and so on.

Select one, then when it comes up, you will know right away if it is the one you were looking for.  If not, just select Cancel from the File Open dialog box and choose another.

NOTE:  If the sketch has been changed since it was created within the current session, the IN SESSION section will not reflect the changes.  Just a weird thing, so you may need to use Choice 2 above.

TIP:  This tip works even if the previous feature containing the sketch has been deleted -- if is was all in the current session.

Sections In Session

Figure 3.  Example of Open File Dialog Box

This is a fast and easy way to grab previous sketcher information under the right conditions.

Sometimes the IN SESSION conditions do not apply, but when they do, it makes data re-use for the sketch very easy.

TIP:  Call Synthesis if you need assistance handling that work overload.


Have a Great Month !!!
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