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Pro/Engineer   June 2003   Tip-of-the-Month

The Unfortunate Article

I have been asked by several of you to offer an updated opinion on Wildfire.  I did, in an article at this location.  I had no idea the article would stimulate such a flurry of activity.  Apparently there is a lot of interest.  I have received many notes saying "Thank you" and "I'm glad I'm not the only one".  Please accept my apology if I did not reply to all of you.

I was very interested that & were in the top 10 web referrers  -- what do they know?  Leave it to them to think that would help their cause.  LET'S BE VERY CLEAR.  I am a strong supporter of Pro/Engineer and I believe it is the Premier CAD system on the market.  (I've evaluated SolidWorks (and others) and they are not as capable -- even with the issues.)  That said, in comparing to Pro/E 2001 and the vision of what can be done with Pro/Engineer, I am not happy with some of what I see in Wildfire just like I did not like 2000i^2.  (I did not adopt i^2 and neither did a lot of companies.)  That did not change the fact I choose Pro/Engineer over the competition.

Pro/E 2001 is now a stable, capable platform, and for me that's where I'll stay for a while.  That being said, I have no intentions of wreaking havoc on PTC -- because I want them to make Pro/Engineer what I know it can be.  Aside from other ideas that may have been derived, I think PTC got the message.

The article is now gone because it seems to have created some unintended consequences.  Many have confused my passion for a private war or hatred or something.  Not so.  Do the evaluation yourself and see what you think.  There are a lot of really fantastic new things in Wildfire.  I can't wait till they conquer some of the issues.

Thank You ...

Thank you for all the notes.  I have had a few of you point out some methods of doing some of these things -- things that the tech folks at PTC didn't know.  Perhaps I'll share some of those in future Pro/E tips.  Thank you for that, and have a wonderful day.

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