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Pro/Engineer   March 2006   Tip-of-the-Month

Open Parts Quickly from Drawing Mode

File Open Dialog Box
Figure 1.  Corner of File Open Dialog Box
Here is a quick tip, common for some, but very useful if you have not seen it . . .

When working in a drawing, sometimes you need to open the model (part or assembly) you are detailing to make some model change.

To do this quickly, simply select FILE > OPEN.  The default model shown in the Name line near the bottom of the dialog box is the current active drawing model.  See Figure 1.  Just hit OPEN and the model will open -- Even if the part is not in the current working directory.

Right Mouse Button Menu to Activate Model
Figure 2.  Selected View
Right Mouse Button Menu

For whatever reason, when opening a model, many people just miss the fact that the active model name is already there in the Name line, and browse to find it anyway -- when all that is needed is to select OPEN.

Note:  This works only with the current active drawing model.

Note:  The active drawing model name is shown at the bottom of the screen in Drawing Mode.

If the model you want is not the current active drawing model, simply make it the active model.  In WF2+ products, select the drawing view, then the right mouse button for the menu shown in Figure 2.  Select Set as Active Model, then do the Open Model technique as explained above.

( In Pro/E 2001, the menu picks are VIEWS > DWG MODELS > SET MODEL > Select your model from a list -- this way it does not even have to be a model visible on the screen.)


See You Again Next Month.
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