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Pro/Engineer   October 2005   Tip-of-the-Month

Visualizing Selected Surfaces

Show Wireframe
Figure 2.  Show Wireframe
Show Wireframe
Figure 3.  Show Mesh

Often times in the selection of surfaces you need to visualize the surfaces selected.  Here is a quick tip to help in visualizing.

Section Menu
Figure 1.

For Pro/E 2001 and Earlier:

A quick and easy way to visualize the surfaces selected is to use the Show menu option in the Surf Select menu (Figure 1).

There are 2 options under Show:

   - Wireframe (ex. in Figure 2).
   - Mesh (example in Figure 3).

For Wildfire Versions:

Wildfire does not give the same options.  By default, selected surfaces are highlighted both on the edges as well as with shading.  It acts differently in different modes, however.  In some circumstances, there is a dot font mesh over the highlight (like for copy surfaces).  In other cases the surfaces are only highlighted (like when selecting surfaces for color).  In still other situations, the old menus (like those above) come back.

In Wildfire, assuming the part and the highlighting are good contrasting colors, the visualization is pretty good.  (See Figure 4.) -- Try visualizing in wireframe.  The visualization example as shown in Figure 5 is kind of neat.


Wildfire 2.0 Wildfire Wireframe
Figure 4.  Wildfire 2.0
Figure 5.  Wildfire Wireframe


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