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Pro/Engineer   January 2004   Tip-of-the-Month

Making a Pro/Intralink Workspace Mobile

Need to move your Pro/Intralink workspace to another computer?  Here's a tip submitted by Natarajan Murali to do just that.  This is a tip primarily for those small companies using a small number of multi-use Windows based workstations.

(Disclaimer:  At Synthesis we don't use Intralink, so I haven't been able to validate these steps.  The tip sounds good, however, for those needing the function.  Questions or comments about this tip should be directed to kn_murali at
Proi Workspace Example
   Figure 1.  Example of
   workspaces in .Proi


To transfer the workspace to another location or another machine, simply copy the .Proi folder onto the new location or machine for this example, into D:\.

Next, (on Windows machines) change (or add) the appropriate Windows Environment Variable.  Depending on the version of Windows (these differ a lot) at the desktop use:

My Computer > Properties > Environment ...  (click for image)
My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables ...  (as below)
     or    something else ...


Proi Workspace Example
Figure 2.  Windows system environment variable.
(Method may be different with different versions of windows.)


Enter the variable as specified above.  The path must be the location of the the copied proi.  Now, Launch Pro/Intralink.  It will automatically take you into the copied workspace.

Natarajan Murali is a Sr. Engineer at Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Hyderabad India.


Happy New Year !!
May this year bring you health and prosperity!
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