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Pro/Engineer   March 2001   Tip-of-the-Month

Doing the Pro/E Drag

Because of the number that Pro/E puts at the end of the file names,  bigpart.prt.9,  it is cumbersome to setup windows to open any possible Pro/E file by double-clicking it.  There is a slightly obscure functionality available in 2000i and above that may help in this area -- just drag the files into an open Pro/E window to open them.  Just drag a file from any open Windows Explorer (or File Manager) window and drop it in a Pro/E window.  It does not change the working directory so be careful as you use the part in assemblies, etc..

The drag and drop works with all the Pro/E files (parts, assemblies, drawings, etc..).  However, all the rules of search paths apply when the file you dropped references other Pro/E objects.

If you drag in an older version of a model that is currently in ram, the following error message is displayed.  This message is what popped up when I tried to drag version 5 of model  BOTTOM  into a Pro/E window when version 6 was in ram.

This process works with NT 4.0, Win 2000 and Unix (Solaris).  (It may also work with other OS's but we couldn't test it.)

If you want a quick way to open a part and launch Pro/E at the same time, just drag the file onto the Pro/E icon on your desktop.  That will launch Pro/E with the specified part or assembly open.

See you next month.
Have a wonderful day!
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