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Pro/Engineer   April 2001   Tip-of-the-Month

The Case of the Missing Model

Occasionally when opening a drawing, Pro/E displays a warning message in the message window stating that the drawing is more recent than the model.

According to PTC, this warning indicates that the last time the drawing was saved, it was referencing a later version of the model than is currently available.  Usually this means the latest model was either moved to another directory or deleted.  Saving the drawing will update the model that the drawing is referencing and the warning should not be displayed next time it is opened.

In practice, we have found times that this error occurs even when the latest version of the model has not been moved or deleted.  Although we haven't been able to prove anything definitive, it seems to be related to the config.pro options:

  • save_object_in_current    yes
  • save_objects    changed_and_specified
In some instances, Pro/E seems to update the drawing to look at the in-session model (which is more current than the last save), but because of the config settings, if the model has not changed, it is not saved.  If you exit Pro/E at that point, the drawing thinks it is referencing one version newer model than is on the disk so when you open it next time it gives the warning.  Sounds like a bit of a bug, but what else is new?

For the most part, when the warning message occurs, it can be ignored.  However, it is a good practice to look at the drawing to be sure it does not reference anything in the model (such as features or views) that do not exist in the older (now current) version of the model.  If it is trying to reference some missing features, you should (if possible) go find the missing model.

Until next month . . . Enjoy!
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