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Comments from our Pro/Engineer Survey

Here is a list of the comments you gave in our February Tip-of-the-Month survey.  All of these comments were sent directly to PTC, without names, just as you see them here.  - Thank YOU all who took a minute to comment!

  1. Please make Pro/E not crash as often. It is very detrimental to productivity to have to deal with unstable software.

  3. PTC makes their living by changing things that work. Users make their living by keeping things work.

  5. I am a Pro/e support person for a large corporation. We released to 2000i2 in October. The user community would definitely like less bugs and are not so concerned with timely releases. I have been a Pro/e user for seven years and have been doing support for one. There have always been bugs to contend with, but 2000i2 seems to be worse than previous releases.

  7. Please give us software that works - first time.

  9. How about some tutorials in the help system, I'm new to this but some of our experienced users need ways of brushing up their skills. When models won't regenerate or things that appear logical don't work, you need help NOW.

  11. Change is good. People need to realize that any innovation takes some time getting used to, but at the same time create a stable usable product.

  13. Why don't you just BUY SolidWorks. Trying to imitate or outdo their user interface and functionality is costing you more than just development expenses.

  15. The ability to manipulate the constraints in 2000i2 sucks!

  17. Changes made have been for the good in the long run. It may not seem like it while trying to get used to them. Which is why I like the idea of the supporting previous functionality - if only for a while.

  19. It is very frustrating that with all the "Pro/OPTIONS" one has, there is none to be able to go back to some of the sketcher functionality as mentioned above. Most of all, when you have over-constrained part; it used to be a quick-pick on whatever constrain to ditch-it. NOW! it's a colossal-strain!!! to have to go thru that annoying box and guess what is what, especially that they often don't highlight as you scroll - to add insult to injury. I F#$% CAN'T BELIEVE THIS - HOW COULD THIS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED - I would like to hear from them WHY WHY WHY!!!

  21. PTC should have focus groups on the average user uses their product.

  23. There is an undo in resolver and sketcher, how about a backup for menu picks. If Bill Gates can steal Windows from Apple maybe Pro/E can steal Autocads menus. They should at least take a look at Autocads numerous and simple icons.

  25. I manage a small group of proe users and it takes me a week or 2 each new release to make everything working again. I hate being the qa department for proe.

  27. I have been using Pro/E for seven years and 2000i2 for a couple of months now, some of the enhancements are very good for example the model tree functionality encompassing insert mode and the ability to reorder from it are well worth while. Unfortunately through all the good work carried out on sketcher over the past few releases has sadly gone down the pan. It now seems too clever for its own good making assumptions left, right and centre that are not easily rectified and has become cumbersome to use (and unstable). In many respects 2000i2 is a resounding backwards step and if I had not already undertaken several projects using it I think I would revert to 2000i. Sketcher you are the weakest link - Goodbye!!

  29. 2000i^2 is the worst release of Pro that I have ever seen (since Vers 9). OK V13 probably had more bugs but the user interface in the sketcher is really a negative productivity enhancement. Even after becoming proficient with the new interface, it is obvious that it will take more time to accomplish most tasks than in 2000i. The goal should not be to become windows compliant at the cost of productivity.

  31. We need the Drawing module to be improved to the extent of AutoCAD.

  33. PTC should ask everyday users for comments on existing releases before creating a new release, otherwise how do they know what "improvements" have to be made.

  35. PTC needs to facilitate the ability to have prior product releases read the latest released data. The subcontractors to production are forced to get the latest release of software in order to produce parts. This is going force many small vendors with small margins of profit out of the market or making decisions not to make the parts for contractors.

  37. I was the test subject for 2000i2 back in December of 2000. I recommended at that time NOT to implement. With the prerelease of 2001 our company was FORCED to make the change to eliminate the possibility of not being supported using 2000i. It was a big mistake to go to 2000i2.

  39. Does PTC really get these messages? What do you want to bet that they still won't get THE MESSAGE when it comes to putting out CRAP!! I just hate it when we have to move to a new release because I have to learn out to work in a whole new BUG FARM.

  41. i dont like the new 2000i2, 95% of pro users i know would rather go back to 20001 or 20. i2 has too many bugs, hasnt had any benefits over prevouis releases and the sketcher mode is worst of all. i think ptc needs to put out a better program before releasing. maybe get some input from users before designing a software.


  45. New skectch is pathetic. I changed my config.pro to: sketch_new_ui no. The new ui for skectcher is the most poorly thought out piece of junk i have ever seen. Not only do you lose functionality but the stuff that does work is not smooth in operation and much slower. Any gain with the new sketcher are completely lossed with the lack of old functionality. I would like to see all the functionallity back with the options of completely confuring the sketcher the way you want. In short, both old sketch and icon ect all in one. Add the stuff you like or works for you.

  47. Make the functions that are already there, work, before creating or changing functions.

  49. What good is a new release if you can't stay productive in your job? Pull a clue and learn what "Quality" realy is. (Hint: Quality is what the customer says it is, not what you as a manufacturer may want it to be.)

Thanks again to all of you who took our survey.  The results have been e-mailed to a few high-ups at PTC.  We hope it will do some good to have our voices heard.  If you would like to e-mail your own comment directly to a VP at PTC click here.

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